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Night of the Living Dread

Onesie ship's computer core. T'Pol reads some data and acts startled.

Enterprise Mess Hall. Trip finally joins Bug-Eyed, who's eating a solitary lunch of vanilla ice cream. Trip tells her there are hundreds of ice cream flavors, and his favorite is Rocky Road. "That sounds terrible. Why do they call it that?" Bug-Eyed asks. Trip sits for a moment and admits, "I never really thought about it. [Just look at the surprise written all over my face.] I guess it's because it's got nuts in it. It's also got marshmallows but I don't think that has anything to do with it," Trip says. Wow. Incredible conversationalist. This leads into a discussion of what marshmallows actually are, which Trip doesn't feel equal to explaining, and I don't feel equal to describing. After Bug-Eyed gives him a guilt trip for being late for their lunch date, Trip tries to ask her some probing questions about her ship and the other Onesies -- especially regarding the dead guy in the pod. Bug-Eyed gets freaked and insists she be taken back to the planet.

Onesie ship. T'Pol investigates some dark places and is apprehended by some Onesies who just come out of nowhere. "You were looking where you shouldn't have," C.C. Capwell tells her. One of these days, T'Pol is going to show how much ass she can kick and when that happens, I'm going to be in the front row with popcorn. I guess they must be still training Jolene in the finer points of Tae Bo.

Sh'pod lands next to the Onesie ship. Quantum, Reed, Trip, and Bug-Eyed enter, and Quantum orders Reed to find T'Pol while he looks for Cpt. Onesie. Reed suggests they stick together, and Bug-Eyed tries to convince them that they aren't in any danger. "That'd be easier to believe if you weren't hiding things from us," Quantum tells her. "Can't you just fix our systems and go?" Bug-Eyed asks. "Is that what you really want?" Trip asks her. "How old were you when this ship crashed? Five? Six? Do you even remember what your home looks like?" Bug-Eyed insists that this place is her home, and all the other Onesies appear. "I didn't tell them anything," she insists. Quantum verifies her story and adds, "But if you want any more help from us, we're going to need some answers." The dead Onesie in the pod aboard Enterprise tells Quantum that they don't owe him any answers. He's just worried about giving away his secret for how he keeps his skin from looking so dead and decayed-looking. Other armed Onesies appear to relieve the Enterprise crew of their weapons. "Please, just let them leave. That's what you wanted in the first place," Bug-Eyed pleads with C.C. Capwell. "When the repairs are completed," C.C. Capwell tells her. Trip gives his lady love a look as he's manhandled away. "Make him stop, he'll listen to you," Bug-Eyed says to Odo. Quantum says he won't go back to his ship without his officers, but C.C. Capwell tells him it's not a negotiation. Reed and Quantum leave. Bug-Eyed starts after them, but Odo calls her back.

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