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Night of the Living Dread

Somewhere on the Onesie ship, the Ambush Away Team walks around. Loudly. Quantum gives directions to Mayweather to go somewhere else, but to comm him if he stumbles over their Vulcan science officer. Suddenly, Reed gets hit with green phaser fire in the back. He goes down, and Quantum drags him away before returning fire. His red phaser beam passes clean through their attacker. Quantum drags a hopping Reed after him.

Computer core. "That's why your father needs to keep this running," Trip says, slowly. Bug-Eyed agrees. They hear sounds of combat outside, and Trip tells Bug-Eyed she can stop "this." Bug-Eyed bugs some more.

Fight Zone. Quantum drags a now-grunting Reed after him as more green phaser fire follows them. They reach a dead end, and Quantum puts Reed down. "You all right?" he asks. "Yeah," Reed gasps. "Where'd he come from?" "Good question," Quantum says, and fires behind them. Again their phaser fire passes right through the zombie. "You have to get them off the ship," Odo tells C.C. Capwell. Reed and Quantum scuttle around some packing cases and fire at C.C. Capwell and his flunkies. No damage done.

Computer core. Trip pleads with Bug-Eyed not to let his friends die. Bug-Eyed bugs and puffs her lips. "Please," Trip says.

Fight Zone. More zombies appear from nowhere -- through walls and bulkheads -- to have Quantum and Reed's phasers pass right through them. A zombie throws himself at Reed, and Quantum throws the zombie against a wall. He seems solid enough.

Computer core. Bug-Eyed pulls a metal disk out of the computer.

Fight Zone. Several zombies disappear into thin air. Okay, those of you who haven't figured out by now that they're holograms, well, you're just stupid. Computer core. Bug-Eyed pulls out another disk; more zombies disappear, their very real weapons clattering to the ground. Finally C.C. Capwell disappears, as does Pod-Dead, who's giving Quantum and Reed such trouble. It's like when Buffy stakes vamps, but without the really good dusting effects. Odo, Reed, and Quantum are the only ones left. Odo looks worried.

Computer core. Bug-Eyed shows a metal disk to Trip.

Previously The Fight Zone. Quantum darts out, weapon leveled at…nothing. Odo steps out to show he's the only one there. Luuuuucy! I think you got some 'splaining to do!

Quantum asks Odo what happened to his real crew. "Ah. They didn't seem real to you?" Odo asks, referring to the zombies. "I created them. Wasn't easy. Took time. You could touch them. They could make you laugh. Surprise you," Odo says, looking at Bug-Eyed. "They were holograms," Trip says nastily. "They were our friends. Our family for over twenty years," Odo says, indignant. Bug-Eyed tells Trip they were the only people, besides her father, she ever knew. Until they came. Quantum asks what happened to the flesh-and-blood crew. "I buried them out in the hills. The ones I could find after the crash," Odo says. "I killed them, so I buried them." Maybe this episode has creepiness potential after all. Bug-Eyed jumps up to say, "That isn't true!" She says it with such earnestness that I have just as quickly given up on the creepiness potential. Odo tells her that she was just a child when it happened, so she doesn't remember.

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