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It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Trip to Die

"I have such respect for you, Captain Archer," Corpsa-Trip says as Quantum jerks away. Trip's vitals gear up again. Corpsa-Trip sits up and reveals that he's an Organian and that Trip is his host. He also says that he didn't do anything to Trip -- that he and his pals only observe but never interfere with the natural order of things. Until now. Quantum gets irritated when Corpsa-Trip says they knew about the silicon virus and didn't warn them. Corpsa-Trip says he wanted to but it wasn't up to him. Corpsa-Hoshi sits up and chastises Corpsa-Trip for breaking the rules. Quantum jumps far away from both Corpsaganians. Heh.

Corpsa-Trip and Corpsa-Hoshi argue whether or not it's their decision to interfere with the humans. "I don't care about your rules," Quantum interjects raspily. Does that surprise anyone? Nope? Moving on, then. "Tell me what happens to Trip and Hoshi when you're finished with their bodies," Quantum insists. Corpsa-Hoshi says they have to leave them as they found them. "Dead?' Quantum asks. No, alive and kicking -- what do you think, you big lunk? "I understand why you won't get involved with a species' natural development. I've had to make that decision myself -- it's not an easy one to make," Quantum chokes. Is he talking about his own natural development? "Then we agree," Corpsa-Hoshi states. "No, we don't. Our encounter with the virus was an accident -- one that you could have prevented," Quantum contradicts. Corpsa-Hoshi asks how, in that case, would they ever learn about humans. "Ask us," Quantum pleads, "talk to us! Just like you're doing now." Corpsa-Hoshi snits that talking is a limited form of communication for them because they're so much more advanced than humans. God, SHUT UP! You've been TALKING to each other this ENTIRE EPISODE! If it was truly such a "limited form of communication," Corpsa-Reed and Corpsa-Mayweather would have been ESPing each other! Or sending great globs of light up each other's noses! Or SOMETHING! Regardless, stop with the higher-being CRAP unless you can PUT UP!

"Not from where I'm standing," Quantum argues, referring to the higher-being stuff. Corpsa-Hoshi stares at him. "Maybe you've evolved into beings with abilities I can't comprehend but you've paid a helluva price," Quantum goes on. It's Bakula's delivery of the next line that particularly impressed me. "You've lost compassion and empathy -- things that give life meaning." He totally chokes up on "compassion and empathy" and it was the most emotion I've seen from him in a long time. Maybe ever. He goes on, "If that what it takes to be advanced, I don't want any part of it." Aw, don't worry, Quantum, you won't be. What? Look, I may be impressed with Bakula but I'm not yet impressed with Quantum. Corpsa-Hoshi is unmoved as she says they are leaving and he won't remember a thing about their little chat. Quantum chooses this moment to cough like Camille. "And in three hours, you'll die as well," Corpsa-Hoshi continues. Corpsa-Trip announces that they have the power to save them all, and says he's decided to defy the all the Organian protocol because of Quantum's act of compassion, which has never been observed by Organians before. "In time we'll study other humans," Corpsa-Hoshi insists. Quantum tells them to experience compassion for themselves by doing this one big and major thing for them. "If you want to know what it means to be human, you need to do more than observe," Quantum finishes.

Bridge. Phlox and T'Pol work to find a cure. Quantum comms T'Pol, saying, "You wanted to know when Trip was awake? Well, you better get down here, Trip is talking up a storm and so is Hoshi." "Captain," Phlox says gently, "Hoshi is --" "You too, Phlox -- maybe one of you can tell me what the hell just happened," Quantum interrupts. So, all that time, neither T'Pol nor Phlox happened to glance at the monitor and see any part of Quantum's Compassionate Humans speech with the two Corpsaganians? What about the recordings? I assume that everything on this ship can be played back because it's stored in the databanks, so won't they just watch those and see what happened? ARGH -- the sky's not yellow, it's chicken!

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