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It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Trip to Die

Sickbay. Phlox announces that Quantum, Hoshi, and Blond Trippie McWell are all completely free of the virus, and the only explanation he can offer is that Trip's radiation treatment had a delayed effectiveness, which then spilled over onto the other two. "I'm sure someone at Starfleet medical will figure it out," Quantum says, beaming at Trip. You know that he really only loves you for your leopard-skin pillbox hat. Quantum then announces that they are going to leave a warning beacon to make sure that what happened to them won't happen to anyone else. What exactly does Quantum remember? I mean, at what time was his memory reset? Does he remember Trip dying? It's so unclear, and I wish it weren't, because all these unknowns really weakens the episode!

Orga-Reed tells Orga-Mayweather, "You realize the consequences of what we've done -- we will never be able to study another species encounter this virus." Actually, even if the entire crew of Enterprise died, that would still be true. Quantum would have still put up a warning beacon, even if it was with his last dying gasp -- it's a human reaction. Orga-Mayweather is pleased with their end result and says he's looking forward to making his first report, in which he will recommend that the rules that have been in place for ten thousand years be changed. "These humans have not been a good influence on you -- I would not encourage further encounters," Orga-Reed snits, running after Orga-Mayweather. "I don't think we can avoid them. I'm going to recommend that we start preparations for an official first contact mission," Orga-Mayweather smiles. "Indeed!" Orga-Reed bustles. "Well, at the rate they're progressing, that will barely give us five thousand years to prepare." "Then we better get started!" Orga-Mayweather says. Why do advanced species always take so much longer than average to do things? I know it has something to do with living out of time and time not mattering and shit, but shouldn't that mean that they do everything quicker than the undeveloped beings? That they're multi-taskers who have learned how to be highly effective? I've never understood that reasoning. But see, when they asked him why it had to be that way, the answer was "just because."

Next week: It's the "Journey to Babel" Part -1 with a fantastically creepy-looking puppet master. But, Shran McCain's back, so YAY! Also, I loved the blues music they were playing in the promo. It's probably too much to hope that they'd keep that up in the episode? Yeah. I know.

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