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It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Trip to Die

In the mess, Orga-Mayweather whispers to Orga-Reed that Phlox ID'd the pathogen. Orga-Reed muses, "That happens thirty-seven percent of the time." Orga-Mayweather points out that no one's suggested they abandon the infected crewmembers. "Then this will likely be one of the times when everyone dies," Orga-Reed says, and dips into his orange soup. He takes a mouthful and seems quite pleased with it. That cracked me up for some reason. Maybe because I spent waaaaay too much time editing the master recipe for carrot-ginger soup today and I wondered if Orga-Reed opted for the chipotle garnish. Orga-Mayweather looks either angry, or concerned, or slightly like a plotting psychotic here.

Quantum visits Decon and beeps them. "Travis," comes Trip's exhausted voice, "if that's you again..." Heh -- even he thinks Mayweather's had more than enough lines this episode. Quantum identifies himself, and Trip slides back the window. Quantum's taken aback by how sweaty and grey Trip looks. Quantum tells Trip that Phlox has identified the silicon-based virus and is working on a cure with T'Pol. Quantum blows more furrowed sunshine up Trip's Southern ass, but Trip says he remembers his Exobiology 101: "Our immune system can't fight silicon." "Don't you give up on me," Quantum nearly sobs, and tells him to get some rest. Trip nods and staggers back to bed. Quantum needs a tissue, because he aches just like a woman but he breaks just like a little girl.

"We're looking for signs of elevated intelligence in the species we observe," Orga-Mayweather says. "Rational intelligence, yes," Orga-Reed corrects him, "which Archer has not demonstrated." You've noticed that too? Can I take that as a shout-out? PLEASE?! The two superior beings argue about whether Quantum understands the gravity of the situation or whether he's just a stand-by-his-crew kind of guy. "There's a way to be sure," Orga-Mayweather suggests. Orga-Reed says, "We chose the Helmsman and the Armory Officer for good reason -- they both are stationed on the Bridge, yet neither plays a critical role in a medical emergency." Drop "in a medical emergency" and you've got Mayweather's CV. Orga-Mayweather suggests they squat in Phlox and T'Pol so they can observe Quantum's decision making up close. Man, are they going to be bored! Orga-Reed is reluctant, because he thinks they could end up interfering, but is finally convinced. I've got a question -- where are Mayweather and Reed's consciousnesses when all this is going on? I know we learn later that the Organians clean up with a memory wipe, but what about all the lost hours? Do they invent memories for them to have? And what if they had duties to perform during all this time and they didn't get done -- how would they explain that?

Decon. Hoshi and Trip discuss how they are both jealous of the other's abilities. Hoshi wishes she could be MacGyver and Trip wishes he had Hoshi's many tongues. Hoshi asks if Trip has always been good with building things, and Trip tells a story about removing all the screws from their dining room table on Thanksgiving. "It was so old, the wood sort of stuck together so it stayed standing. Until m'dad put the turkey down," Trip finishes, and says he spent the next month in his room. Hoshi laughs and asks how old he was. "Oh, twenty-four, twenty-five," Trip grins. Wait. Wait. His parents grounded a twenty-five-year-old? That's even more embarrassing than the fact he was so stupid when he was old enough to rent a car! Hoshi looks up to see T'Pol and Phlox just standing outside the Decon window staring at them. It was a funny cut. They're just there. All interested. "How long have they been standing there?" Trip whispers. He's all worried that T'Pol heard what a freak he was just five years ago. Orga-T'Pol and Orga-Phlox ask the usual Organian questions: how are they feeling, what are they thinking, et cetera. Trip tells them they'd feel a lot better if they two of them were off whipping up a cure. Orga-T'Pol and Orga-Phlox leave. Trip thinks that both of them showing up means there's no hope for them. Poor Trip. Poor, stupid, screwy Trip.

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