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It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Trip to Die

Orga-Phlox thinks Hoshi and Trip are brave the way they're facing death. Orga-T'Pol says, "Their courage isn't at [sic] question -- their intelligence is." It turns out the Organians use this infected planet as a way to determine if a species is intelligent enough to handle first contact with them. Orga-Phlox thinks it's an unfair test, and that things other than intelligence should be considered. Orga-T'Pol says it's not up to them to change how things have been done for ten thousand years, which means, of course, that it is.

Quantum tells Reed that the virus came via a meteorite that hit near the Klingon camp. He tells him to call Starfleet and find out what Klingon ship was exploring that planet and whether or not they found a cure.

Sickbay. Orga-Phlox announces that the tests his host is waiting for have arrived. Orga-T'Pol says they should leave "these creatures" to their work. Orga-Phlox looks up and says, "The Helmsman and Armory Officer are back on the Bridge."

On the Bridge, Orga-Reed and Orga-Mayweather exchange significant looks.

Sickbay. T'Pol suggests a radiation treatment, and Phlox gets to work on it.

Decon. Hoshi speaks in tongues in her sleep. Trip shakes her awake and tells her she was having a bad dream. Hoshi mutters that she dreamt she was back in Brazil. She never got a chance to say goodbye to her students. Now, how did that happen? Quantum does recruit her right in the middle of her class, but are you telling me he's such an asshole that he wouldn't even let her go back to her students and say anything? Not even "class dismissed and by the way, I'm off to outer space"? Idiot wind. It's a wonder he can even feed himself. Trip promises that she will see them again. Didn't she see them last time they were home on Earth? She could've said goodbye then and also handed back their homework. Oh, y'all, I just reread the series premiere -- I was so innocent back then! Now I'm just a dried-up, bitter old hull -- sort of like Sandra Lee. But with less non-dairy whipped topping.

Quantum's findings, as he explains them to Orga-Mayweather and Orga-Reed (who are acting far too intelligent for their hosts), is that the Klingon commander destroyed the sh'pod with the infected crew. "They didn't even plead for mercy," Orga-Reed muses, and when Quantum furrows at him, he amends, "I mean, they wouldn't, would they? Being Klingon." Orga-Mayweather asks if this information helps them at all, and Quantum says it means they don't have to bother asking the Klingons for a cure. "But if they had one, you'd ask them for it -- wouldn't you?" Orga-Mayweather asks. Quantum considers him: "On bended knee." No, no, no! You mean "on bended furrow," don't you? The Organians file this bit of information away to not use the next time they encounter humans and Klingons together.

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