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It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Trip to Die

Decon. Hoshi speaks Spanish as she tries to open the Decon door. Trip tells her tiredly that they're in quarantine for a reason. She yells at him in Klingon and continues to punch numbers on the code door. "I have no idea what you're saying, but you can't break the lockout code," Trip tells her. "Math is just another language," Hoshi says, and opens the door. The alarm blares. Hoshi runs out.

Bridge. Orga-Reed reports the quarantine breach on D-deck and announces that Decon has been unsealed. He looks at Orga-Mayweather as he says this, who looks…turned on by the news?

Trip wearily leans against a wall as Hoshi goes on walkabout.

Hoshi and her blanket continue to make their way through corridors, overriding locks. Orga-Reed reports this on the Bridge. Quantum orders all power to D-Deck shut down: "I want those doors sealed!" As Hoshi stands in a corridor, segment by segment, the lights go out behind her. It's a cool effect. She's illuminated in red emergency light. Trip finally staggers forth to drag her back from the airlock, which she is currently trying to open. Hoshi tries to smack Trip around with her black belt but finally collapses against him because it's really only a green. Trip says the captain won't let them down, and leads her back to Decon. Trip comms that they're back in Decon. From Sickbay, Phlox orders Trip to set the hypospray for three cups of Nyquil. Trip staggers back to look at the comm screen. "That could drop a horse," Trip says. Only if it's the green stuff. The red stuff is nummy. Quantum says they can't risk Hoshi wandering off again. "Especially," he adds wryly, "since it seems she can override every security safeguard on Enterprise." Trip agrees and drugs Hoshi, who collapses onto her pillow. "It's your turn, Trip," Quantum says. Trip argues a bit but finally gives in. But before he does, he looks over at Hoshi and says he's wondering if either of them will wake up again. He drugs himself and staggers over to a cot.

Sickbay. Phlox is still refining his radiation cure to make sure it won't kill Hoshi and Trip. "Work faster," Quantum says, and claps Phlox on the shoulder. But not in an assholish way. It actually hurt me to admit that, but there it is.

Bridge. Orga-Mayweather wants to stop what the virus is doing to Trip and Hoshi. Orga-Reed says they aren't there to interfere and that they shouldn't be talking in such a public area. "I know where we can talk undisturbed," Orga-Mayweather says. Bamp. Chicka.

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