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It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Trip to Die

In Decon, Phlox announces that Hoshi is dying as he and Quantum carry the two patients out of Decon and into Sickbay. They get Hoshi on the bio-scan bed, and Quantum discovers that Hoshi's stopped breathing. Orga-Mayweather and Orga-Reed are still watching the events unfold in Sickbay, and Orga-Reed says smugly, "Someone always dies," in the precise tone of Margaret Dashwood, noting that "they always kneel down."

Phlox frantically tries to open a box and can't. He starts to rip off one of his gloves, bitching that the med equipment wasn't designed for EV gloves. Wouldn't you think that would be a good idea? Protective suits and gloves that can be used in a quarantined sickroom? Phlox and Quantum struggle a bit before Quantum says grandly, "I'll be your hands. Right now Enterprise needs a doctor more than it needs captain!" Enterprise needs Phlox more than it needs Quantum? I'll always go along with that.

Orga-Mayweather and Orga-Reed continue to observe. T'Pol also watches and swallows hard. Better be careful there, Jolene, you might actually get something in your stomach.

Quantum attaches wireless cardio paddles the size of quarters to Hoshi's chest.

Orga-Reed mutters he doesn't understand as he takes a closer look at the proceedings. "In eight hundred years, no one's ever done that before?" Orga-Mayweather asks. "Not once they know it's hopeless," Orga-Reed says. It's not clear if they're talking about trying to restart Hoshi's heart or Quantum making himself vulnerable to the virus.

Phlox directs him to inject forty units of trinephedrine into Hoshi's heart. Quantum grabs at a box but Phlox stops him, saying it can't go deep enough. Ew. Not liking the sound of that. Quantum grabs another box and pulls out a plastic-wrapped syringe. He stares at the really long and thick needle. "Old-fashioned, but effective," Phlox says. Quantum positions and repositions the needle, according to Phlox's directions. "Now, in one quick motion, insert it three centimeters," Phlox orders. And to think, they weren't that precise in Pulp Fiction! Quantum inserts the needle, which comes all Foley'd up with skin puncture noises -- thanks, guys, I needed to squirm right out of my seat. Quantum injects the trinephedrine and pulls the needle out. "Clear!" Phlox barks, and with gunshot sounds, Hoshi's body jerks three times. No change. "Come on, Hoshi!" Quantum pleads. Phlox ups the ante and Hoshi's body jerks five times. No change. "Captain," Phlox tries to tell him. "Again!" Quantum shouts. He's got his helmet off as well. The better for us to see his furrows. Phlox tries again. Hoshi's body jerks harder. No change. Phlox declares Hoshi dead and tells Quantum to help him with Trip.

Orga-Mayweather wonders how many have to die before Orga-Reed admits that humans are different. He insists that they step in and stop it. Orga-Reed will not buck protocol, predicting, "When the first death occurs on the ship, there's a sixty-eight percent chance the rest of the crew will become infected." Orga-Mayweather asks what more that will teach them about humans. Not answering his question, Orga-Reed points out that all of this would have happened whether they were there to observe it or not: "We are not responsible." "Maybe we should be," Orga-Mayweather says, crossing his arms and looking back at the Sickbay monitor.

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