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Kiss Me, Ingrate
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I want to sincerely thank Cindy from Hawaii for my Prince "Greatest Hits and B-Sides" CD -- I love it and I have been wanting it for the longest time. You're awesome! 'Tis the season for additional shout-outs. Much love to Sobell for her help on my laptop selection since my Flaming 5300cs finally gave up the ghost. I can't believe I'm finally getting a brand new computer -- I've never had one of those before! Vegas was a blast with all the recappers, but there are so many I wish I could have hung out with more like Jessica, Heathen, Kim, Wing Chun and Sars -- especially because I've thought of so many more uncomplicated vegetarian recipes to give to the newly Crowned Queen of the Carrots. Also? Next time we do "The Experience," Quark's bar better damn well be open -- I want me some Romulan ale and Saurian brandy! "Private party," my ass.

Of course, I come home to this mother-tucking crap. Waaaay too many episodes already out there like this one -- "Elaan of Troyius," "The Perfect Mate" -- the mind BOGGLES at the fact that I find myself writing the same complaint over and over, week after week, but here I go again: they pay their writers a gad-ZILLION dollars to recycle old storylines with worse actors and lines that are ONE STEP AWAY FROM See Jane Run! I know Joss's quippy little badinages have been done all over the various networks, but really, since he's not doing much else these days, can't he give these writers a lesson in dialogue?

Trip corn-pones in his quarters on a zippity-doo-dah harmonica. That's right, they gave him a har-mon-i-ca. Well, the very least I can say is, they haven't done that on Firefly. As Little Trippy Tucker blows for his supper, the ship drops out of warp, and Trip looks out his window to see a foreign ship out the starboard side. Before our resident stereotypical hick can segue into "Dueling Banjos," Quantum comms him to exposit that he knows Trip's on his day off -- of course; couldn't we tell that from the spurs up on the desk and the mint julep canister lying empty on its side? -- but he would like his assistance with some new friends who need a few repairs.

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