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A hand, a scan, a canal, Panama!

Elsewhere, Quantum thrashes about in his bed. We could only see his legs and hear him panting at first, so I thought...well, I think you can guess what I thought. Quantum jerks awake and looks at himself in the mirror. He scratches his chin and then shows us a big, grey sore on his forearm. Ew -- what kind of disease leaves grey sores? He scratches another sore on his face. At least he didn't go blind or have hair sprouting from his palms, right?

Sickbay. "You've been scratching again," Phlox tells Quantum, examining his back. Quantum complains, "The itching kept me up all night." He also doesn't want to use the prescribed ointment, because the smell is "a little strong." Dude, stick a cinnamon stick up your nose and get over it. He's just hoping Phlox will prescribe the T'Pol Treatment for him as well. Quantum itches his shoulder, and Phlox slaps his hand away. Heh. "The more you scratch, the longer it will take to heal!" Phlox lectures. Phlox asks about Quantum's research with Trellium-D synthesis. Are we supposed to think Random Expanse Hijinks have something to do with Quantum's space herpes? Why don't any of the other humans seem to have it, then? Phlox hopes they will make progress on the Trellium-D, as Crewman Cutler broke her arm the other day. "Actually, that was just a result of rough sex with Phlox. 'Hey -- ouch!' 'Oh, don't worry, we'll blame it on a spatial anomaly,'" the Evil Dr. Mathra says. Phlox holds a tin of balm out to Quantum and asks after other "symptoms." "Just the dreams," Quantum admits, making balmy faces. "I keep seeing myself back at that alien city." Phlox says that he's not going to recover from his Loathe-ar transformation overnight. So maybe the sores are related to that? Quantum struggles into a tight, long-sleeved, button-up black shirt and leaves. Sigh -- Bakula in Black will melt my hate every time.

A sh'pod zips to a planet and lands in a marina. Trip, Quantum, and Reed avoid several Hickory Farms and incense kiosks before they find a Trellium-D synthesis-selling chemist. This scene reminded me of so many in Farscape. And because it's such a generic scene, I'm not at all saying that they ripped them off; it just brought back happy memories where sexual tension was real and character development happened in the first three episodes of the series. Sigh. After some establishing dialogue informing us that Quantum and the chemist (sounds like a strung-out Brothers Grimm fairy tale, doesn't it?) have already met, and that getting the formula for synthesizing Trellium-D is going to cost them a pretty penny, the chemist mentions that some Xindi recently passed through the Mall of Alienica. "What is your interest in them?" the chemist asks. "We're on a diplomatic mission," Quantum tells him. From God or from Alderan? For an additional fee, the chemist will tell them if the Xindi went to Mrs. Fields or to 1 Potato, 2. Trip shows him an e-pad of things they're willing to trade up on.

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