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A hand, a scan, a canal, Panama!

Back at the marina, Trip says, "On our planet, wars were fought over these." He presents the chemist with a padded metal briefcase full of vials. Ooh, I want one of those! I could handcuff it to my wrist when I run around San Francisco testing recipes! The chemist murmurs appreciatively, sticks his thumb in a vial, and snorts the contents. He sneezes violently. Trip and Reed draw back to a safer distance and advise him to be careful. The chemist wants to know what alien snuff this is. "Black pepper," Trip tells him, and bends over the case. "There's paprika, mustard seed -- I'm partial to the cayenne myself." Cute -- trading in spices that no alien would have. I like it. I just wish they could be that creative with the bulk of their writing. Since Trellium can only be synthesized in a liquid state, the chemist hands over the required formula and warns them how unstable it can be. As Trip and Reed leave, the chemist snorts some more spice, sneezes, and giggles convulsively. I giggle too when I think of all the times I've sneezed into things that were then served up to my Chef Instructor.

Enterprise. Quantum and Hellena Hand Job share an intimate dinner together. From the looks of it, they're eating taco salads -- can you see that big, puffy flour tortilla standing up in the lettuce? I hope her system can process beans better than the humanoid one. Hellena Hand Job says her quarters are nicer than what she's used to. She admits to never leaving the cargo hold on her last trip, except for a few trips to the captain's quarters. Oh, poor little whore -- she should talk to Inara about joining the Hookers with a Heart of Gold union. I hear they have benefits. Quantum is all disconcerted by this news. Has he never been to Amsterdam in all his water polo-ing about on Earth? Although they do treat their ladies of the night much better there. Okay, now what is she wearing? Last we saw, her dress came courtesy of the ever-so-trendy Cat's Attacking Toilet Paper line, but now she's wearing some blue spaghetti strap number. I didn't see her carrying a valise when she escaped from John Malkopimp, so I'm really curious as to where this saucy little disco number was regurgitated from. It would actually make sense if she was togged out in Starfleet issue. But then the sexiness would be taken away from the upcoming rape scene, right? Ech. And isn't she cold in something that skimpy? Upon closer inspection, I can say that she isn't cold. Well, at least Bermaga spared us that. Again, Quantum invites her to prowl around the ship at will. Because picking up random aliens on random planets makes them completely trustworthy, doesn't it? I guess in some Bermaga way, all the sex she's had makes her innocent again. And by the way? She's too virginal with her fuck-me eyes, little blonde curls, and paper shredder dress not to be very, very bad. Hellena Hand Job asks if all the crew are humans, and Quantum, again not suspecting that any sort of spy would come in such a pretty package, tells her all. Even about his Xindi mission. She affects not to know much about the Xindi, except that she was relieved when the reptilian ones weren't interested in her. Trip calls Quantum away.

Engineering. Trip and Quantum technobabble about how hard it is to synthesize the Trellium-D. According to them, it's only volatile in its liquid state, but once they slather it all over the hull in a solid form it's, well, solid. T'Pol offers to help Trip.

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