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A hand, a scan, a canal, Panama!

Reed tells him that the genetic profiles in the approaching ships match the one in the Psycho Bocce Ball. Quantum gives general readiness orders and turns to Hellena Hand Job, saying, "The reptilian species -- they're the ones who sent you." Hellena Hand Job responds, "I didn't have a choice." I am SO SICK OF THAT LINE! Philosophical hang-ups aside, you ALWAYS have a choice, and repeating that line in every, single dramatic moment that has ever appeared on screen, tube, Tivo, or stage has robbed it of its accuracy and impact. Won't someone out there write a new line? A better line? Something?!

If I were ever on a diet and some co-worker, friend, husband, or passerby on the street tried to question my food choice, I'd ram said food down their throat and jump on their stomach until they gave it up again.

My, I'm violent tonight.

Outer space. There's the beginnings of a firefight.

Brig. Quantum assumes that their visitors are there to collect Hellena Hand Job, who repeats that they won't harm Enterprise if he sets her free. Quantum tells her seven million dead people in Florida won't let him do that. Reed comms Quantum that they're about to be boarded. Quantum decides to leave Hellena Hand Job alone after asking one more time what her mission was and getting nada back. Before he can actually leave, Hellena Hand Job tells him that the Xindi wanted information about him in order to build a bio-weapon. In the end, the only information Hellena Hand Job has to offer is that they need bio-data to build the bio-weapon, but she doesn't know where it's being built or when it will be fully operational. Quantum orders more security on Hellena Hand Job, and leaves.

Uh-Ohs run around the corridors. Every time I catch sight of those uniforms, I have this uncontrollable urge to take a lint brush to them. In a rain of cardboard, an airlock door explodes and the Xindi come in, firing. A female Uh-Oh orders, "Fall back!" and then gets hit and carted off by her team. A team of Snake Eyes proceeds through the ship. Reed and more Uh-Ohs stalk. Quantum splits off from him with his own complement of Uh-Ohs. A Bug House fires a serious weapon at one of Reed's Uh-Ohs and flies away (okay, not really, but you'd think that would be a cool effect) when Reed throws a citronella grenade at him.

Another team of Rent-a-Redshirts face down a team of Snake Eyes. One Snake Eyes launches a blob of something that sticks on the wall behind them like a wad of ABC gum. As they try to determine if the flavor of gum is lime julep or razzberry, the blob fires a ton of little red light darts at the Rent-a-Redshirts, striking them all over. AWESOME! Snake Eyes enter the brig, blow Hellena Hand Job's door open, and take her with them. While firing at Snake Eyes, Quantum witnesses this abduction and moves forward with his Uh-Oh. Who is subsequently attacked by another Snake Eyes, who then jumps on Quantum. As the air-lock door slides shut, Hellena Hand Job sees Quantum's predicament and screws up her little face into one of concern. An Uh-Oh gets the snake off Quantum's back and zaps him with a cattle prod. Quantum orders May-A-Line-Saved-Is-A-Line-Earned to go after the ships. The cattle-prod-wielding Uh-Oh tells Quantum that Snake Eyes is dead. Got a little too rambunctious with that zapper, did we? From the Bridge, May-A-Line-Saved-Is-A-Line-Earned reports that the Xindi ships entered "some kind of vortex." So did my tolerance.

Sickbay. Phlox reports that Snake Eyes had a cyanide capsule device built into his brain that allowed him to commit suicide. Walking by a Vermilion Veloured Vulcan (guess she's all better now), Trip wonders what kind of species has that sort of feature built into their system. Phlox says, "He was surgically-enhanced. If you can call it an enhancement." Okay, he's said the Suliban Magic Word twice now. That's gotta mean something, right? In the first scene, the Xindi of the Round Table mentioned a proposal from their "colleagues," and the Suliban are the ones who told Quantum and Qrew about the Xindi in the first place. So, that means no kind of follow-up whatsoever, right? Good. Just so we're clear. Quantum wants a full autopsy on Snake Eyes and his weapon. "And then we'll license them, make them in Korea, and sell them at conventions," the Evil Dr. Mathra finishes for him. Trip complies. Finally, Quantum asks if T'Pol is okay. She is, so he orders her to find out more from their scans of the Xindi ships and the vortex they exited on.

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