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A Private Little Hunt

The hunters pursue the Drayjin with the extra X-chromosome. Out of the corner of his visor, one of the Eskas catches sight of something sliming. "Wraith!" he whispers, pointing. Reed gets excited and wants to know what's going on. An Eska prevaricates, saying, "It could be a plume of steam. They can fool our thermal scanners." Reed wants to check out the scene, but Holtz-Damrus restrains him and tells him there's no point in all of them chasing thermal mirages, so Reed and another Eska should stay on the trail. "Damrus!" the Eska says. "Take care of our guest, we'll catch up," Holtz-Damrus says warningly. Reed and his Esk-ourt go back to the trail, while Holtz-Damrus and the remaining Eska pursue Darla and Angel.

Trip takes pictures of the smelly rock formations, and Quantum wanders away to find his dream woman. He catches a glimpse of her and runs after her. She gives chase. He pursues. Finally, she appears behind him and calls his name. "Who are you?" Quantum asks, and we get a full view of a flimsy, off-the-shoulder get-up not seen since Plato's Stepchildren. Ah, bitter dregs. He flips open his communicator and says, "How do you know my name?" I guess the exaggerated slowness of his speech paired with the communicator means he's using the Universal Translator. Hoshi's going nuts up above them. The apparition says, "I…need you…Jonathan." Quantum tells her and us that she's speaking English. The apparition says, "I…need you to…understand." Quantum tells her he knows her and he wants to know why. It might have something to do with the fact that she appeared in Insurrection. "If you didn't know me, would you have come?" she asks. Quantum asks why she needs him; she needs him because he's "different." Quantum's stumped. The blue banshee looks away and starts to breathe quickly. Quick -- someone get her a paper bag or an inhaler or something! Meanwhile, Reed and his Eska hunters are firing at their quarry somewhere else in the forest. "Harm," the blue banshee says. Cpt. Nincompoop tells her he's not going to hurt her, but he is going to buy her a subscription to Highlights Magazine: Fun with Phonics. "Not Jonathan," Blue Banshee tells him. "Then who?" he asks. "Who wants to harm you?" Trip kills the mood by shining his flashlight at Quantum. "Captain?" Behind Trip, T'Pol asks if Quantum is all right. Quantum turns back to the Blue Banshee, but she's banished her bad self. Quantum sighs and tells them he's okay. Trip wants to know what Quantum's doing out there, and the tone in his voice suggests that he thinks the good captain needs to go back to the ship and take a little something in water every few hours. "Just taking some scans," Quantum says. Is that what the kids are calling it in the twenty-second century?

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