Shadows Of P'Jem

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Stuck Inside Of Coridan With The P'Jem Blues Again

Quantum listens for the door to close and nods at Phlox, who smiles and hyopsprays T'Pol back to consciousness. She looks around and jerks to a sitting position. "What happened?" she asks. Phlox and Quantum jump forward to ease her back down. "Don't you remember?" Quantum asks. "Captain Sopek?" T'Pol says. Quantum tells her Sopek's fine, thanks to her. T'Pol tries to sit up again, saying she wants to go back to her quarters. Phlox tells her she has to remain there for the next twenty-four hours. Quantum makes a head-motion at Phlox to leave them alone. Please, no romantic overtures; my stomach and eyes can't handle it after Quantum's Malt-O-Meal snarf-fest. Quantum tells T'Pol she "made quite an impression on Sopek." "I've got a feeling he's going to talk to the Vulcan High Command about that transfer order. I'd say the odds are pretty good you're going to be with us awhile longer," Quantum grins, so very pleased with himself. T'Pol sits up and tells him he should have consulted with her first. Seriously. You know, I think she really wants to go back to her planet and marry Frank Lloyd Vulcan. Quantum tells her it's not too late, if she wanted to catch up to them. T'Pol lies back down and says, "That won't be possible. Leaving Sick Bay would violate my doctor's orders." Quantum nods all-knowingly at her and leaves Sick Bay.

Next week, some weird stuff goes down: Trip's trippin' again; Reed has dreams of Sepia Splendor, which seem to include a kissing and smiling Vulcan; and they're trying to make us believe Enterprise is destroyed. Who better to handle it than Strega, Queen of Weird and Stupid Storylines? My hat's off to you, Strega; thanks for covering my beat.

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