Shadows Of P'Jem

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Stuck Inside Of Coridan With The P'Jem Blues Again

Space shot of Enterprise. The camera pulls in closer so that we can see Quantum leaning his head against his Ready Room window. Carrying the weight of multiple universes again, I imagine. T'Pol enters and stands at attention. No point in sticking her dinners out; our vantage is from behind her. Quantum asks her to sit, and breaks the news about P'Jem's sanctuary being destroyed, defiled, and deloused. How doesn't she already know that? Doesn't she get The Daily Vulcan? T'Pol manages to look shaken, and I don't know if Blalock's bad acting is at it again, or if I could just attribute it to how sacred P'Jem was to the Vulcans. It's almost as though her inner being, her inner Vulcanhood, as it were, has been shaken to the pointy core. Yeah, that's the ticket. T'Pol asks if any monks died, and Quantum gives her the same answer Forrest gave him. No. T'Pol asks another question that seemed to have slipped Quantum's mind when he was chewing the fat with Forrest: "Was there time to remove any of the relics?" Quantum doesn't know, but he tells her he has more bad news, and it's that she's been called back to Vulcan. Her ride will arrive in three days.

T'Pol gets up and tells him she won't have time to finish her scans; she'll ask someone else to complete them. I'm not sure if we know the officer she mentions -- I think she said his name was Moewhither or something like that. Quantum is taken aback by her cavalier, heartless, and, dare we say, Vulcan attitude. "Maybe I wasn't clear, this isn't a temporary transfer. They're reassigning you," Quantum spells out in the sand for her. T'Pol gets it. In fact, she got it the first time around. They're sharp as tacks, these Vulcans. "I'm sure the High Command will find you a suitable replacement," she says. "Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Because you seem perfectly fine," Quantum bumbles. T'Pol reminds him that her initial appointment with Enterprise was always a temporary one, and "it was unrealistic to expect it to continue indefinitely." "The High Command is looking for a scapegoat -- someone to blame. They can't punish me so they're taking it out on my Science Officer. Sounds like an emotional reaction if you ask me," Quantum snarls. But she didn't, and I didn't, so shove it, Cpt. Nasty Face. T'Pol muses a bit and says that she's "largely responsible" for what happened. Quantum tells her he's the one to blame, because he's the fastest runner and he's not allowed to win. He can dip his foot in the pool but he can't have a swim. He can feel the punishment but he can't commit the sin. And he wants her and she wants him, they want everyoooone. Sorry, I seem to be channeling Howard Jones tonight. Right, the show. Quantum tells her he "intends to register a protest with the High Command." T'Pol tells him it won't do any good. "You don't know that!" Quantum bombasts. Uh, I think she does. There are probably all these Vulcan decrypts floating around saying "Quantum's a doofus" and "Give him a starship? What does a human need with a starship?" Point is? Zero respect for any registering he's going to do. T'Pol blathers on about failing in her duty to represent the interests of the Vulcan people. "They have no right. You're a part of my crew," Quantum says, looking deep into her eyes. "For another forty-eight hours," T'Pol reminds him. I'm telling you, these uniforms were ripped off by the 2002 U.S. Olympic team.

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