Shadows Of P'Jem

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Stuck Inside Of Coridan With The P'Jem Blues Again

Walking through some corridors with his captain, Trip gets some bad news. Again. "This is just another part of the joke, right?" Trip asks. Quantum apologizes: "I'm sorry, Trip, I've gotta take T'Pol on this one. I need to spend some time with her. Alone." "It's because he wants to win the 'Seduce T'Pol' bet, isn't it? And he's not certain she's seen him in enough of his ultra-appealing Cro-Magnon positions," Mathra giggles, rolling dangerously close to the edge of the couch. That's the last time I give him Pepto-Bismol after eight o'clock. "Now, I know you are pulling my leg," Trip says. Just so Trip realizes how serious the situation is, Quantum stops walking, faces him, and delivers his line: "T'Pol's being transferred. A Vulcan ship's on its way to take her back." Trip is astounded. "Meet me for lunch, I'll fill you in," Quantum says, and smegs off.

Mess Hall. Phlox joins T'Pol and her platter of crudités and says, "I just heard about your transfer. I'm sorry you'll be leaving us." No response from T'Pol, so Phlox tries again: "I'm sure you'll excel at whatever new assignment you're given." T'Pol tells him she hasn't received no stinkin' new assignment. Phlox says he assumed she was being promoted. T'Pol informs him that her superiors hold her responsible for the destruction of the temple at P'Jem. "Do you agree with their assessment?" Phlox asks. T'Pol looks at him: "It's the logical conclusion." Phlox tells her he's sure the High Command will reconsider once they learn about everything she's done for the Enterprise crew. Again, considering the Vulcans', uh, opinion of humans, whatever T'Pol did for them isn't really going to amount to a hill of plomeek beans. "You realize you're not the first Vulcan officer to be posted aboard a human starship. The High Command has tried this before but none of the others lasted more than a few weeks. They found their crewmates too chaotic and unpredictable. But you've been here more than six months and you haven't merely tolerated this crew, you've become a part of it. Isn't it logical to take pride in that accomplishment?" Phlox asks. T'Pol tells him, "Pride is a human indulgence." Phlox supposes she's right, and gets up to leave, but pauses and leans over to say, "I have it on good authority that several crewmembers are planning a gathering in your honor. I believe it's called a 'going-away party,' I'd keep on alert if I were you." T'Pol just stares straight ahead as he leaves.

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