Shadows Of P'Jem

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Stuck Inside Of Coridan With The P'Jem Blues Again

Enterprise bridge. Hoshi says they're being hailed. "It's the Vulcans," she says looking at Maywithering-on-the-acting-vine. "Here we go," he says. Hoshi answers the call, and Fat Vulcan appears on the screen. "This is Sopek, where is Commander Tucker?" Finally, a name. "He's unavailable at the moment, can I take a message?" Hoshi says nonchalantly. Hee. I love her. Sopek says he wants to know where "that shuttle pod" is going. "What shuttle pod is that?" Hoshi asks. "The one that left your launch bay nine minutes ago," Sopek says, raising his voice a tad. "I really wouldn't know, sir. We get shuttle pods coming and going all the time -- it's a little like Union Station around here," Hoshi fibs, playing with buttons on her console. "I want to know where Commander Tucker is," Sopek says, as the viewscreen starts to fuzz up. "I'm sorry," Hoshi shouts, "your transmission's breaking up." She hangs up on him and exchanges looks with Maywhether.

Slums of Coridon. Trip and Reed meander around in the guise of sore thumbs. They're not wearing anything to obscure their faces, and therefore their species, which is unknown to Coridons, and Reed holds a tricorder out in front of him scanning for stuff. Stupid, stupid, stupid! "I guess not everyone gets to live in Emerald City," Trip comments. Naturally, they're jumped by some cloaked individuals and tied up in another leaky barn with black bags over their heads. Their captors arrive and rip off their bags. "You should have listened to the Vulcan," a voice says. "He warned you against doing anything." The voice materializes into the top of a head with inchworm antennae. "What the hell are you doing here?" Trip asks, as the Andorian comes into full view. Is it just me, or has he been Greta Van Susterening himself? He looks a lot bluer than I recall. "Looking out for you pink-skins," Blue Man says. "If you had gone anywhere near that shuttle pod, you'd have been killed." Another less blue Blue Man comes from behind the two village idiots and sticks his head in between theirs to hiss, "They left it in the open for you to find." Trip wonders how the Blue Man Group could know what Sopek told him, since it was a "secure transmission." Bluer Man tells them that Sopek is a V.I.V. (Very Important Vulcan), so naturally they bug everything he says. "We've been monitoring all Vulcan transmissions and ship deployments since the incident at P'Jem," Bluer Man says, his voice shaking theatrically. He tells the humans that the Andorians know the Vulcans are preparing to wage war against them. Trip says, "I'm no fan of the Vulcans, but they're not warmongers." Bluer Man tells him there's already a war happening, and the Vulcans are right in the middle of it. "Several rebel factions here are working to overthrow their government. A corrupt government that has very close ties to your peace-loving, logical friends," Bluer Man says. Reed comments that the Andorians have a common foe with the Coridon rebels, and Bluer Man tells him that the rebels have no intention of releasing Quantum and T'Pol. "Once you deliver the weapons, they'll be killed," he says, and then tells them that it's "fortunate" the Andorians have an in with the rebels. "Yew tried to keel us the last time we met," Trip reminds him. "Why're yew tryin' to help us now?" Bluer Man tells them he's been an insomniac since their rendezvous at P'Jem: "I don't like being indebted to anyone -- least of all your captain."

Less Blue Man unties Reed and Trip, who stand up. "Yer right," Trip says to Bluer Man, "yew never would have found that spy station without his help." Bluer Man says that once Quantum is released, his debt will be fully repaid. With interest. "Show them!" Bluer Man commands Less Blue Man, who fires up an electronic schematic of the area. The Andorians show Trip and Reed where T'Pol and Quantum are being held, and points out where all the guards are stationed with particle weapons. Trip asks how they got their information, and is told that they have "an operative" inside the rebel compound. Reed comments that it's going to be difficult to get past all those levels of guards and weapons. "It's not your concern," Bluer Man tells him, strapping on some big guns. Trip says, "It is if you get the Captain keeled!" Then he asks, "Yer outnumbered four-to-one, wouldn't you like to improve those odds?" Bluer Man thinks a bit, and his antennae revolve. "Give them their weapons," he tells Less Blue Man.

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