Shockwave, Part II

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Apparently, Soval wasn't impressed by Quantum's little Out of Anvil-ca story either, and he says so. T'Pol decides to step up and take the reins she's held the whole episode by telling Soval that someone of his wisdom should be able to comprehend the concept of learning from one's mistakes. "Our ancestors discovered how to suppress their volatile emotions only after centuries of savage conflict. You spoke of the destruction of the monastery, what about the Vulcan listening post that Captain Archer found there? I would hope that our people have learned from those events that using a sacred sanctuary to spy on others was a dishonorable practice to say the least. I don't wish to contradict Captain Archer, but learning from one's mistakes is hardly exclusive to humans. Their mission should be allowed to continue, " T'Pol finishes. I hardly think that Vulcans should speak in run-on sentences. Soval flounces out of the room and off the view screen. The Vulcans standing at attention on the bridge of the Enterprise also leave. Forrest steps closer to the screen and says that everyone will go back and mull everything over; he'll let Quantum know as soon as he has a decision. "Good luck, Jonathan...all of you," Forrest says, and Phlox looks around as if to say, "I know he's not talking to me."

T'Pol's cabin. The Vulcan is sleeping until her doorbell rings, waking her up. She sits up in sage green silky pajamas and calls, "Come in." Quantum walks in wearing sweatpants and a Comfy-Fit tee and says, "I can't be certain, but Crewman Fuller might have seen me coming in here." "Do you intend to ravage me, Captain?" T'Pol asks. Okay, she doesn't really, but why did he bother saying that bit about Crewman Fuller? "She tends to be discreet," T'Pol tells him. Wait, what is there that she needs to be discreet about? And who is this Crewman Fuller they're suddenly knowing so much about? How does T'Pol know that Fuller is "tends" to be discreet -- just because T'Pol's managed to pay her off since she caught Malcolm and Chef sneaking into her room on opposite nights? And why is Quantum bugging her so late at night anyway? She was tortured just yesterday and she needs her sleep. Quantum sighs and smooshes on The Furrowed Brow Of Visiting A Female First Officer's Cabin At Compromisingly Late Hours By Victorian Standards. "What can I do for you?" T'Pol asks. What can she do him for? Quantum jerks his head up and remembers why he's there. "I think you put it over the top," he says. Where's the Universal Translator when you really need it? T'Pol just looks at him. "Forrest said none of the others could believe it when you went to bat for us. Not to mention that little listening post lecture that you gave to Soval," Quantum says, hunkering down next to T'Pol's bed. Is he going to propose to her now?

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