Shockwave, Part II

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Mathra: It's not like your "Walk Like A Gazelle" was a tough act to follow.
Keckler: Whatever -- she just said it because she still doesn't want to go home and marry that poor Frank Lloyd Vulcan.

"You spoke to the Admiral?" T'Pol asks. "He woke me up in the middle of the night," Quantum tells her. Which was when? A few minutes ago? "Can you believe that?" Quantum asks. Uh, I think she can believe it, since you're now doing it to her. T'Pol assumes he called with good news. "I think you put it over the top," Quantum restates. I really wish he would stop saying that. Quantum gets up to go, ostensibly in case Crewman Fuller decides to stop tending to be discreet. "I still don't believe in time travel," T'Pol tells him as Quantum reaches the door. "The hell you don't," Quantum tells her, and leaves. Wow, not many women find it comfortable to wear a bra to bed.

Enterprise undocks from the Vulcan ship and warps off.

Next week, someone who looks like T'Pol plays dress-up and watches I Love Lucy.

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