Shockwave, Part II

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Apple Core Helix. Enterprise is docked. Silik frets that Temporal Shower Man hasn't responded to his emails. "He's never failed to respond before," Silik whines to his Bosom Suliban. Bosom Suliban says, "Perhaps he's angry that we didn't return with Archer." "Archer wasn't on Enterprise," Silik says, furiously sending out IMs to "ShowerGuy2151." "Why isn't he responding?! I need instructions!" Silik pants. Bosom Suliban reminds him that Shower Guy told him to destroy Enterprise if they couldn't bring Quantum. "We should tow them out of the nebula and do it now," Bosom Suliban wheedles. Silik keeps repeating that he needs instructions if Quantum did indeed leap time zones. "If he's angry with you you'll be punished again," Bosom Suliban sing-songs, and repeats his suggestion that they destroy the ship. Silik looks him square in the mottled eye and says, "Have the surgeons prepare, then bring me the Vulcan."

In the messed-up files of Mr. Michelin E. Danielsweiler, Quantum complains about not finding any references to "This Federation [he] talked about." Did you check under the anvil? I really think it might be under the anvil. Just put your head under the anvil and check for me, would you? "I doubt you will," Daniels mutters. "Because that monument wasn't there?" Quantum wonders. "Because you weren't there," Daniels tells him, and goes to check another stack. Capt. Don't Start The Federation Without Me supposes, "So I disappear one day and all history changes?" God, yes, it does! Stop belaboring the It's A Wonderfully Quantum-Leaping Life point, you large-scale ego! Daniels tells him that all of history through the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries looks normal -- well, I can rest easy, then -- but after the Warp Five Project, nothing looks right. Quantum reminds his Al In Disguise that there were a lot of people involved in the Warp Five Project besides him. You know that he's really just fishing for information about how great of a hero he's going to be in his future. Daniels points out the obvious: "We didn't bring 'a lot of people' here this morning, we just brought you." Quantum reads the spine of an anvil aloud: "The Romulan Star Empire -- what's that?" "Maybe you shouldn't be reading that," Daniels says, pushing it back into the shelf before it falls down and hurts someone. After all, he doesn't need to read it; he can see it in theatres in December.

Quantum dons The Furrowed Brow Of Posing Questions That Feed His Sense Of Self-Importance -- glad to see he brought his overnight bag of Furrowed Brows with him to the future -- and says, "I don't get it. What could I have done that could have been so important?" Thankfully, Daniels tells him it wasn't him alone that did the Important Deed, "it was events you helped set in motion." "This timeline, the one you say no longer exists, what can you tell me about it if my mission had continued?" Daniels stops his hunting and gathering and looks deep into Quantum's Furrowed Brows. "It would have led to others," he says meaningfully. "And?" Quantum prompts him. Daniels turns away and continues studying the Dewey Decimal system. "Okay, what about this Federation? Was Earth part of it? Was I part of it?" Are the chicks hot? Do we get to wear furry hats? Daniels seems to be thinking out loud when he muses that Silik wanted Quantum, not the data disks, and that the people Silik reports to are more interested in getting their hands on Quantum and not just ruining Enterprise's mission. "They obviously knew of what role you were to going play in the months or years to come," Daniels says, getting all excited. Why is he acting like this is just coming to him now? "By taking you away from the twenty-second century, I caused exactly what I was trying to prevent," Daniels finishes. "You've lost me," Quantum tells him. Not like that's hard to do or anything. "The only chance I have of restoring my century is getting you back to yours," Daniels explains. "Sounds like we've got a 'chicken or the egg' problem," Quantum says stupidly. "You said your time portals are gone, all your technology -- there isn't even electricity here. You going to find a bicycle and turn it into a time machine?" Stop slutting around with the H.G. Wells-isms; they're gratuitous and easy.

Even without the electricity, a light bulb appears above Daniels's head as he says they might not need a time machine and asks if Quantum has his communicator on him. Quantum hands it over. "And my scanner?" Quantum asks. And his Black and Decker Mr. Fusion, does he want that too? "May I?" Daniels asks, his palm out. "What is Quantum going to say? 'Don't touch my stuff -- seriously, don't touch my stuff!'" Mathra wonders.

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