Shockwave, Part II

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Enterprise. Reed wears a path in his cabin's carpet until he hears some electronic static coming from his door buzzer. "Hello?" Reed asks. More static. "Please repeat, I can't understand," Reed says. That's funny, closed-captioning was able to understand that the static said, "It's me, Trip." More static. Reed says he still can't understand, and gives some technobabble suggestions. More static. "Barely," Reed says. "You're going to need to boost the signal." "Any better?" Trip's voice drawls. "Yeah," Reed says, "I thought the comm was offline." Trip's sitting in his room, soldering something on his wall. "It is," he whispers. "I'm routing the signal through the EPS grid. I can talk to any doorbell on B-Deck." That's the twenty-second-century equivalent of using a piece of string and two tin cans. Reed asks if he's okay. "Eh, same as you, I'd guess," Trip replies. "Locked in tight." Reed asks about "the others," and Trip tells him he can't get in touch with T'Pol, and May-whelp and Hoshi are on C-Deck. And anyone else is inconsequential because they're not in the opening credits; they're not the "cool kids." "Any thoughts about how we're going to get rid of these Suliban?" Reed asks. Trip tells him to hold his horses because he's got to figure out how to contact the doorbells on C-Deck. I giggled at the mental image of Trip sneaking around whispering to lit-up buttons. Trip tells him he'll be in touch: "Sit tight." "I wasn't planning on going anywhere," Reed grins dryly.

Back to the future. Quantum pauses in his copper pounding to ask Daniels if he's having any luck. "I still have the spatial coordinates of Enterprise, but without a quantum discriminator [heh] it's going to be very tricky to contact the ship on the same day you left," Daniels reports. "I thought you built these things in high school," Quantum gripes. "Where quantum discriminators were on every desk," Daniels notes. Of course they were. Quantum wonders why they have to be exact to the day. "I made the biggest mistake in the history of time travel this morning -- I don't intend to make it any worse," Daniels says, getting back to work.

Enterprise. Two Suliban drag T'Pol into her quarters and throw her at a couch. T'Pol lies there shivering for a moment before she hauls herself to her bathroom and douses her face with water. She holds onto the sink to support her trembling arms. Back in her room, she grabs a red Indian patterned pillow from Pier 1 and carefully lies down, hugging it. We can hear a fuzzy Quantum start to come through the temporal airwaves. "This is Captain Archer, can you hear me?" Strange that his voice wavers and echoes like Temporal Shower Guy. "T'Pol, this is Captain Archer, can you hear me?" T'Pol makes no signs of consciousness, much less recognition. We can see a transparent, disembodied head of Quantum floating in T'Pol's cabin. "I don't think it's working," Quantum says to someone. "I don't know where he is," T'Pol mutters. "You don't know where who is?" Quantum asks. "Sub-Commander, this is Captain Archer. I'm having trouble understanding you." "Captain Archer's gone. A temporal reading in the turbo-lift, I don't know where he is," T'Pol says, still not rolling over to see Quantum's head. "Daniels brought me to the future, that's what the temporal reading was all about -- are you all right?" Quantum asks. T'Pol rolls over and says, "The Science Vulcan Directorate has determined that time travel is...not fair." "Whatever you say," Quantum tells her. "Just tell me, are you all right?" "You're not Quantum, you're an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato," Ebenezer Mathra lilts. "We're all confined to our quarters," T'Pol tells him, snuggling up to her pillow. Why did they make her wear a tank top to be tortured? And she has those weird industrial carpet pants on still -- I thought it was a one-piece catsuit, not multiples. Ugh -- and she has her shoes on the bed! Now that really bothers me. Quantum asks her where she is. "I told you, in my quarters," T'Pol mutters. Quantum wants to know where the ship is.

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