Shockwave, Part II

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T'Pol wrenches herself around, exposing more of her eight-minute abs, and tells him there's a helix outside her window. Huh -- there's a tree outside mine. Quantum tells her he needs her help and that she has to find a way into Daniels's lo-jacked cabin. "Do you understand me?" "You're on the ceiling, why aren't you on the monitor?" T'Pol wonders. Quantum tells her there's no technology where he is. "I thought you said you were in the future," T'Pol argues weakly. "T'Pol, do you remember when I asked you to keep an open mind?" Quantum asks. T'Pol remembers. "There's a lot more at stake here than bringing me back, or the mission. I need you to listen to me very carefully," Quantum says. How else does a Vulcan listen, if not "very carefully"? The camera zooms up to T'Pol's eyes, in which we can see a flickering Quantum reflected. She looks like a Real Doll that close up. "I need you to trust me," Quantum says. I have to say, I was duly impressed with Jolene's acting in this scene; if only I weren't convinced that it's not much of a stretch for her to act drugged.

Trip fiddles some more. "It won't work," he tells his doorbell. "We can only access the decoupling pins from outside our quarters." Maywhelp asks some technobabble questions of his doorbell, and Reed gives some technobabble response to his doorbell. What it comes down to is that none of them could fit through what will come to be known as Jeffries tubes except Hoshi. "Isn't there some other way I can help out?" Hoshi asks her doorbell. "Something that needs translating? You know how claustrophobic I am." That's a big surprise. Maywhelp tells her no one else is as small unless they can reach Crewman Naiman: "She's pretty small." Wasn't Naiman in Mucus of Borg? "There's no time," T'Pol interrupts. "If this is going to work, we need to begin now -- Ensign Sato?" Hoshi asks how far it is to Phlox's quarters. "Forty meters, maybe forty-five," T'Pol tells her. Hoshi asks how far to Reed's. Just a naked chest further. Trip tells her it's not far and says, "You can do it. We need you to do it."

Hoshi, slithering through the bowels of the ship with a flashlight. A lot of people thought that the crawlspaces were big enough for any of the guys to get through, but I disagree. Only certain parts appear to be that wide. Plus, the turning radii of some of the corners are pretty sharp and narrow. There is a bit at the end of all Hoshi's slithering that does look large enough for the others, but that's the only one as far as I could judge. I'm just waiting for the moment when she loses her tank top.

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