Shockwave, Part II

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Search For Yesterday

Some Suliban enter a turbo-lift, and Reed crawls out of a vent in the wall. He un-lo-jacks Daniels's room and checks out the underwear drawer. Sticking his arm into what we assume was a real wall, but for Daniels's tricky way of rearranging atoms so that he could walk through solid objects. Accompanied by crackling sound effects to symbolize the rearrangement of the atoms, Reed gets in up to his armpit and digs around and pulls out a hi-tech bathroom scale. He makes to leave but is grabbed by two Suliban just as he re-lo-jacks the door.

Silik bashes Reed's face around a bit as he demands to be told what the bathroom scale does. Reed says he doesn't know, and gets to bite down on another blood packet for his trouble as another Suliban sends him to kiss the floor. Reed finally "relents" and tells the Suliban that he was told to destroy the object, but he really doesn't know what it does. Silik asks who told him to destroy it as Thug Suliban puts a stranglehold on the blood-spitting Brit. "Captain Archer before he left. He didn't want you to find it," Reed chokes. Silik asks why Quantum didn't want him to find it. "He thought you would use it to contact someone -- I don't know who, I swear it!" Reed coughs. Silik smiles and tells Thug Silik to tuck Reed into bed. And they didn't resort to the same kind of t'orture they inflicted on t'ank-t'opped T'Pol for what reason?

Engineering. A few Suliban patrol around the warp core and get knocked out by their own phasers. Fired by T'Pol and Trip, of course. T'Pol nerve-pinches the remaining Suliban and shouts, "Ready!" to Trip. Trip scrambles down to the core and fiddles with it.

Apple Core Helix. Silik desperately plays with the bathroom scale near the Temporal Shower pad. You know what would be helpful? Some of those rubber flower stick-ums to prevent slippage. I had a nasty fall in the tub once and tore all the muscles in my lower back. Those flower stick-ums could have prevented that, and the Temporal Shower Man should look into it.

Enterprise bridge. An alarm goes off, and several Suliban scurry around. One comms Engineering to ask, "Engineering? How did this happen?" There's no response.

Temporal Shower Room. Silik still hasn't figured out how to get the scale to read his weight in stone rather than pounds when he answers a call. "What is it?" he demands irritably. "The anti-matter stream has been compromised," comes the report. Silik tells him to shut down the warp reactor, but the Suliban tells him that Engineering isn't responding, so he's sent soldiers. Silik tells him to keep him informed, and goes back to his bathroom scale.

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