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Cannon in D-fense

Quantum examines the red-shirts and orders the security team after the aliens. He gets Phlox on the horn and tells him to report to E-Deck, Section 7 immediately for a medical emergency. Nothing seems to ruffle Phlox as he answers calmly that he's on his way. Quantum tries to feel for pulses on the red-shirts, and the security team reports back that the aliens have left the ship. For them to have such advanced technology that they have starship-like shielding around their persons, wouldn't you think that the Praying Mantises would have beamed aboard Enterprise rather than fuss about with a shuttlecraft? The Cicada Shuttle lands back on the alien ship -- guided in by way of some awesome runway lights on the mother ship -- and the mother alien ship takes off, firing a few parting shots at Enterprise. Quantum asks the bridge for a report. T'Pol says, "The alien ship has gone to warp, but that last shot damaged our port nacelle. We're venting drive plasma." Quantum throws his communicator down in frustration.

Sick bay. Phlox slides a red-shirt out of the scanning tube (I wonder if they're called CAT scans in the 22nd century?) as Quantum walks in, asking after the two attacked crewmen. Phlox reports that he stabilized them, "but they were subjected to some very invasive scans." "Will they be all right?" Quantum asks, staring down at the blank eyes of one of the red-shirts. Phlox tells him seriously, "There could be some residual neurological damage. I'm doing everything I can." Quantum turns his frustration on T'Pol, demanding to know if she's ever heard of something like this. T'Pol says she hasn't. "Are there any Vulcan records of a species that uses similar tactics?" Quantum asks, but before she has a chance to answer, he says, "And I don't care how classified they might be!" Look, buddy, it's your fault you left space-dock so ill-equipped to handle an attack like this. If you hadn't been so hot to prove what a stellar captain you are and rub it in the Vulcan's faces that they were wrong to withhold warp technology from the humans for so long, you probably wouldn't be in this mess, so don't go around accusing T'Pol of holding back information. It's your bed, lie in your mess. Ew, that came off grosser than I intended. T'Pol states that she doesn't know of any Vulcan records with intelligence on this type of alien. "Find out what you can," Quantum says in more restrained tones.

Trip coms Quantum that they have the plasma leak under control, but since the port nacelle took a lot of damage, it will be a few days before they'll be warpable again. "What about impulse power?" Quantum asks. "Well, that's the good news. It should be back online in a few minutes," Trip tells him. "I'll take all the good news I can get," Quantum gripes and leaves sick bay, ordering Phlox to keep him posted regarding the crewmen's conditions. T'Pol follows the captain out as Phlox beams blue lights into a red-shirt's eyes.

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