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Cannon in D-fense

Bridge. T'Pol reports that there aren't any Vulcan ships within scanning range. Mayflower suggests contacting the Vulcan High Command: "They're only two days away at warp six. I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving us a hand." "I'm sure they wouldn't," Quantum says, pressing his lips together. Oh, get off it. You're way out of your league and you need help. Just ask for it, you loser. Quantum paces the bridge and looks at every crewmember in turn. Hoshi reports that she can't "raise Vulcan." Quantum looks at her blankly. "It's funny," Hoshi says, fiddling with buttons. "I ran a diagnostic after the attack, but now Echo Two won't respond." "That's because it isn't there," T'Pol proclaims ominously. "There's nothing but debris at the coordinates where we deployed the amplifier." Quantum asks about Echo One. "Destroyed as well," T'Pol says. Quantum looks to be in need of Maalox.

Engineering. Random Ensign, who earlier asked if they were going to be attacked again, reports to Reed, "The stabilizer on Cannon Port Two checks out okay, sir." "Port Two or Port One?" Reed asks. "Port One, sir, sorry," Random Ensign says. "Get it right!" Reed shouts, and walks away, adding, "And start on those beam emitters." Trip falls into step with Reed and tells him, "Targeting scanners will be online in an hour." "We should be aligning them now, not installing them!" Reed snaps. Dude, who's the superior officer here, again? I mean, you're awesome, Reed, but don't get yourself in trouble. Reed and Trip climb around somewhere in the ship's lower intestine. "You were a little hard on Eddie," Trip says. "Everyone's busting their tails to get this job done." Reed touches something that gives him a vicious shock. He shouts and falls back. Trip grabs him: "You all right?" "Yeah, I'm fine," Reed grunts, sucking his hand. "I told them to depolarize these relays." Trip asks him what he was trying to do. "Bypass the EPS grid," Reed says. "Why?" Trip asks. "Well, we could draw power for these cannons directly from the impulse engines," Reed explains. Trip asks if he's trying to blow the ship to kingdom come. "The relays were rated to handle that power," Reed tells him. Trip asks what happens if there's a surge. "Ah, I've thought of that," Reed says, and points at some lit buttons. "These inverters were designed to cut in at the first sign of an overload." Trip says they have to go "by the book" or else they'll do more damage to themselves than the aliens would. Reed argues that he's run a bunch of simulations and determined that "it's an acceptable risk." Trip pulls rank and tells him he'll decide what's an acceptable risk. "Sir, if we do this by the book, those aliens are likely to be back before we are done," Reed states. Trip gets up in Reed's face and says he wants to get everything done as quickly as possible as well, but not at the risk of getting people killed. Hope both of them have brushed their teeth in the last twenty-four hours. "Yes, sir," Reed grits out. I'm not sure what the intent of this shot was, but pieces of the ship's innards are getting in the way of actually seeing the actors clearly. I think they're trying to be artsy. I think they should stop trying.

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