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Trip's Brain

Enterprise has its spine so it leaves its Orange Crush. And here's a reminder: don't collar it.

A doorbell rings. Mozzarella Trip says, "Come in!" He's in ProtoTryp's quarters. Quantum enters and demands to know how long he's been staying there. Mozzarella Trip says he's been there since last night. Quantum takes a framed picture away from him and replaces it on a shelf. "These are Trip's quarters," Quantum hisses. "Which is where Ah belowng. Ah have his mem'ries!" Mozzarella Trip insists. "Ah have his feelin's, his body -- how'm Ah not Trip?" Quantum says that ProtoTryp is lying in Sickbay. I don't know if that would really stand up in court. You made your clone, now live with it. Mozzarella Trip demands to know what he is: "Jest somethin' yew grew inna lab? Does that make it easier for you to condemn me to death?" Quantum, who seems to have gathered as much particulate on his face as Enterprise has on her hull, says that if Mozzarella Trip doesn't go through with it, he's condemning ProtoTryp to death. Mozzarella Trip says he didn't put ProtoTryp in a coma. "No," Quantum quavers, "but you can save him." "In a way, I will -- by saving myself," Mozzarella Trip says. He's right, you know. Quantum says that Phlox says there's almost no chance the enzyme will work. "Mah lyfe is at stake -- enny chance is worth takin'!" Mozzarella Trip shouts. "But at what cost? It'll take a day to synthesize the enzyme -- by that time your neural tissue won't be compatible with Trip's any more! He'll die!" Quantum yells. I hope no one's trying to sleep next door. Mozzarella Trip says he knows that, and Quantum says he can't let it happen. "So what're yew gonna dew? Drag me down to Sickbay? Force me onto a bio-bed at gunpoint?" Mozzarella Trip asks. No, at phaser-point. "If you truly have Trip's memories, you know the answer to that," Quantum says. Okay, that's a non-answer if I ever heard one. Quantum says he doesn't have to remind him what's at stake. "I HAVE to complete this mission and to do that I need TRIP. TRIP!" Quantum says in his face. After all those rehearsals, I hope Trinneer had something to wipe his face with. Quantum says he'll take whatever steps necessary to save him. "Even if it means killing me," Mozzarella Trip states. "Even if it means killing you," Quantum bites out. "You're not a murderer," Mozzarella Trip says. "Don't make me one," Quantum counters, raising his chin. Damn. That was a good scene.

Engineering. Mozzarella Trip asks T'Pol if there's anything he could still do. "You wish to spend your last hours in Engineering?" T'Pol asks. "Why not? The two things I care about most are in this room," Mozzarella Trip says. Oh, my. Well, she asked. T'Pol gives him something to do. At a station, Mozzarella Trip looks furtively over his shoulder.

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