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Trip's Brain

Across someone's bare and pedicured foot, the words "Two Weeks Earlier" appear. Ew! Trip seems to be massaging T'Pol's Achilles tendon! That's one of my squick zones -- if I hurt it or bang it or even THINK about it, I get all tooth-edgy. Next image, please! Okay, so get this: Trip is lying on his side, bare-chested and massaging T'Pol's general footular area, and T'Pol is lying on her side in some new Christmas red jammies, massaging Trip's bare feet. T'Pol inhales sharply and corrects Trip's fingers. He apologizes, saying that talking about the warp engines makes him forget where he is. I'm so fascinated by how T'Pol manages to roll around without allowing her shirt to fly up that I'm not paying attention to anything Trip is saying about refolding the impulse relays and frosting the warp drive. The only significant comment is when Trip says something about the extreme pleasure he gets out of "fine-tuning a piece of machinery." Wow -- did you see how the Sex Anvil landed right on "of machinery" in that line? They switch positions -- Trip is on his back, and T'Pol kneels at his head giving Neural Nookie (tm Sis of Ace) to his shoulders. Trip comments that T'Pol made the Neural Nookie sound much worse than it was. "We haven't gotten to the more...challenging postures," T'Pol says, bending over his chest so his head is in a very compromising position.

Ace: "Hm, panty sniffing -- I'm sure that's veeeeery relaxing."
Sep: "Wait, are they together?"

Trip says he's always "up" for a challenge. T'Pol tells him to shut up by ordering him to breathe.

Engineering. Trip gets all excited about how he reconfigured the engines, but then it all goes horribly wrong. Fires flare up in Engineering and on the Bridge behind T'Pol. "Fire is exciting," Ace approves. T'Pol announces a system-wide overload. I'm beginning to think that when T'Pol's voice cracks with "emotion," it could be due to the fact that Blalock can't raise her voice above a certain level without it sounding like it's about to crack. Trip rushes around Engineering. Something large explodes, and Trip is flung from the top of the engine onto the ground. Rocks shower him.

Enterprise drops out of warp in a hazy field of Orange Crush. Reed shouts out damage reports, and Hoshi relays the news that Trip has been seriously injured and taken to Sickbay.

Repair site. T'Pol observes while a crew in welder's helmets welds things. Flashback references aside, it's a pretty cool damage set. There's a big hole of twisted metal, and it's almost like someone slashed a knife through aluminum foil and peeled back the edges. I noticed something weird about T'Pol's Violet Veloured suit -- she's got elevated, rounded collar. It's very Queen Sara Saturday. Sis of Ace has her own opinion of the Violetly Veloured Vulcan: "She kind of looks like Barney -- in fact, I think she KILLED Barney for his pelt!" Quantum checks in with the VVV and tells her that she'll be supervising the repairs. He guides her out of the welding noise and says, "I've just come from Sickbay, Trip's in a coma. He has extensive neural damage. Dr. Phlox says we have to prepare for the possibility that Trip won't survive." All through Quantum's speech, T'Pol distracted me by not staying still. I watched the scene several more times and realized that Blalock was trying to emotionally breathe. I can't explain it any better than that, but her head was bobbing around slightly, her nostrils flaring, and her chest heaving. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Mostly, I was just distracted. However, Bakula did well with delivering a shaky and emotion-filled speech.

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