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Trip's Brain

Ready Room. Mozzarella Trip begs to pilot a sh'pod, since it's his plan and he has ProtoTryp's memories of how to pilot. Quantum tells him it's out of the question, as he needs him on the Bridge: "Mayweather and Reed will pilot the shuttlepods." Mozzarella Trip knows who Reed is, but has no idea who this "Mayweather" bloke is. Mozzarella Trip supposes he's not being allowed only because they need part of his brain. "Why doesn't that scoop of brain they need also expire in fifteen days?" I ask. "He's like a really unstable gallon of milk," Ace responds, not really answering my question. Quantum tells him that if they don't get out of there they'll all be dead.

Bridge. Techobabble ensues. The phase cannons fire. Plaque flies off, but not enough to open the doors. They fire again. It works.

Keckler: "It's like Magic Shell -- remember that stuff?"
Sis of Ace: "Yeah, vomit Magic Shell."

The sh'pods launch and tow. More and more technobabble. The sh'pods have pretty blue taillights. It gets very intense as the sh'pods' oil lights go on (tm Sep). There's a sad moment when Mozzarella Trip gives direction, and Reed rolls his eyes and asks for Quantum's confirmation before following it. Mozzarella Trip looks so hurt. Just when they are about to give up on the whole shebang, it works. "We're moving," T'Pol announces. To my disappointment, she doesn't say it like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, which is how I ALWAYS say it. Quantum orders the sh'pods back and looks at Mozzarella Trip. "Well done."

Enterprise brushes its teeth.

Sickbay. Quantum asks Phlox why he wanted to see him. Phlox tells him he has just discovered that Mozzarella Trip won't survive the transplant. Quantum gets really annoyed. "You told me that you could remove the tissue without harming him," he grits out. Phlox tells him that was Lyssarian, this is human. Phlox apologizes. Quantum stalks out. Phlox makes a motion that looks like he's gagging, but I think he's holding back sobs. Aw, poor Phlox! Mozzarella Trip was really his child, and Quantum should be nicer to him. The big jerk.

Mozzarella Trip sits in Sickbay and says, "Why not give up my life? I've only got five, six days left." Quantum, standing next to Phlox, says that isn't the way they see it. Mozzarella Trip drops a bomb. He asks if Phlox, in his research, ever came across some specific enzyme that would stop a Lyssarian Simbiot's rapid aging process. Quantum asks if there's any truth to it. Okay, wait. How the HELL did Mozzarella Trip know about this particular enzyme? There is NO WAY you can argue that the Lyssarian Simbiot, who is supposed to be PERFECT CLONE of the human whose DNA it absorbed, has ANY sort of Lyssarian knowledge or memory. You can't have it both ways, people. Mozzarella Trip says that Phlox purposely kept the enzyme a secret. Quantum wants an explanation. "The enzyme is very experimental," Phlox says. "Your HMO doesn't cover it," Sep adds. Phlox goes on to say there's no evidence that it works, and that's why he didn't consider it. Mozzarella Trip argues that there's not much evidence, but it does exist, and he could live out a normal lifespan because of it. "I can't change what happened to him," he says, gesturing at the man behind the curtain. How many times do people have to be told to PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN?! "But I may be able to change what happens to me," Mozzarella Trip finishes.

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