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The Naked Then

Mess Hall. Like any good chef, Hoshi walks around the crew and inquires how they're enjoying her dish. It seems well received. Trip and Reed sit together and obsessive-compulse over their work. "Condition Red?" Reed asks. "Well, now he's just taking names right off his lipsticks!" Mathra points out. Trip grunts. "What about 'Condition Red' for the new security protocol?" Reed elaborates. Trip wonders why he just doesn't call it "Security Protocol," but Reed doesn't think that's "very dynamic." "Do you think a cup holder is too much?" Trip asks. Once Reed understands what Trip is talking about, he chuckles derisively, "Just what the Captain needs in a crisis -- a place to rest his beverage." Snark it up! Trip defensively explains that the chair will have lots of other functions as well, like accessing tactical info from the armory.

"If you really want to improve tactical readiness, why don't you help me with this protocol?" Reed asks. "I'm a little busy right now, Malcolm," Trip sniffs. "It's a chair!" Reed reminds him. "It's the Captain's chair," Trip corrects him. "It's just as important as yer...Reed Alert." Heh, "Reed Alert." Unbeknownst to him, that's what they all say when someone sees Malcolm approaching. Malcolm considers Trip's sarcastic suggestion and muses that it's not bad. Trip gives him a dirty look as Hoshi walks up and asks how they enjoyed their meal. Trip thought it was great. An overhead view of the table shows that Trip cleaned his plate, whereas Malcolm barely seems to have touched his portion. "It's called 'oden.' Every Japanese family has their own way of preparing it," Hoshi explains. hollytree searched this dish out and discovered it to be a broth over -- get this -- "fishcakes"! Um, shout-out? "Well, it seems to be a big hit," Trip says, looking around in an absent way. "Congratulations." Hoshi comments on the state of Reed's plate and offers to get him a fresh bowl. Not looking up, he tells her it's not necessary, as he's not very hungry. Hoshi demands to know if there was anything wrong with the dish. "Well," Reed says, looking up, "it was a bit salty." "Salty?" Hoshi repeats, and samples his portion. "Oh, it tastes fine," she informs him. "Well, it just must be me, then -- everybody else seems to be enjoying it," Reed says, getting up with his eyes glued to his e-pad. Trip gets up from the table in a similar fashion, and they head off in opposite directions. Cool blocking. Hoshi stands there and looks disturbed.

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