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Sick Bay. Phlox looks at some data and tells T'Pol that what they have is not a cure, but it will slow down the disease's progression. They'd better follow up this story arc with a lot more than just commenting on finding a cure in an episode down the line. Phlox muses that he figured on her species being a lot further along with a cure, but George W. Bush reminds everyone how unmotivated they are to spend the taxpayers' anvils on it. You understand that I don't literally mean George W. Bush took the place of T'Pol right there and said her lines, don't you? It was a clever device to make a point about our society today. I feel the need to explain myself because the writers seem to think we viewers are on the Village Idiot career path. Phlox sniffs that with this new information, he should be able to make more progress than the Vulcans have. Now, that would be an interesting conclusion in a few months or years. Of course, if they do that, they're inching closer and closer to The Giant Reset Button In The Sky. I mean, how could some random alien serving on the first warp spaceship find a cure to a controversial Vulcan disease and not ever be mentioned by anyone in future series?

Quantum comes in to check up on things and ask T'Pol if she figured out why Dr. Yurinate gave it to her. "No, I haven't," T'Pol answers, proving that she can lie and not just omit or evade when she feels the need to respect another's privacy. Quantum shifts his weight back and forth for a bit until T'Pol realizes that he has spoken to "them." "Them" must be the High Council, because Quantum tells T'Pol that she's been recalled. Phlox wonders if they have the authority to do that. "Dr. Oratt does, he's a ranking member of the Council of Physicians," Quantum answers. Okay, so "them" isn't the High Command; "them" is the three doctors in Sim City. Quantum says that the doctors plan on taking T'Pol back with them once the conference is over, and the High Command will not be notified of her situation until they reach Vulcan. "You've...got...to...tellthem...T'Pol," Quantum thunders, "tell...them...what HAPPENED. They won't do a thing to you once they know it wasn't voluntary -- that he did it against your will!" "I won't do that," T'Pol whispers. "Why the hell not?" Quantum demands. "I have Pa'nar Syndrome -- it doesn't matter how I contracted it," T'Pol argues. Quantum thinks it makes a lot of difference, since B'Stiller "forced himself" on her and that makes her different from the minority they stigmatize. Phlox agrees with Quantum and urges her to unburden herself to the Vulcans. Here T'Pol makes her big speech: "He is not right. If I use that as a defense, as a way to keep from being taken off Enterprise, I'd be condoning their prejudice, and in the process indicting every member of the minority. I won't do that." She leaves. Phlox sighs. Quantum furrows.

Sim City. Quantum demands to see Dr. Ensign. "Dr. Oratt isn't available," some Vulcan tells him. "Perhaps I can help you." "Perhaps NOT!" Quantum responds. Oh, good one. Quantum steps in the middle of three Vulcans and looks at each of them before he realizes none of them is the Vulcan he's seeking. Just because they all have pointed ears doesn't mean they all look alike! Through some Plexiglass, Quantum spies Dr. Ensign in a room. He pounds on the glass, shouting, "STELLA!" The first Vulcan thinks he's going to have to ask Quantum to leave. "I need to talk to you!" Quantum says, getting Dr. Ensign's attention and ignoring the d'orman. "This is a clear sign that he's bitten off more scenery than he can chew," Mathra decides. Dr. Ensign comes out and asks what he can do for the good captain. "You had no right to take my Science Officer," Quantum bellows. Dr. Ensign disagrees about his rights. "You can't dismiss someone just because you don't agree with how they conduct their personal lives," Quantum says, as an anvil that looks remarkably like Tom Hanks ten years ago asks me if it can have a drink of water. Dr. Ensign informs Quantum that he's not dismissing T'Pol; he's just taking her back to Vulcan so the High Command can dismiss her. Although he calls it "determining whether she's fit for duty." "Fit!" Quantum hisses, no doubt getting spit all over Dr. Ensign's nice white coat. "You're saying a single mind-meld is enough to destroy her career?" Dr. Ensign says nothing, so Quantum extrapolates that it's more that she contracted the disease than the mind-meld. "That's why you're hesitant to find a cure, isn't it? Why bother to help people you don't approve of!" Quantum hypothesizes. Just what are they trying to tell us in this episode? It's so unclear to me. Is it that Trip should just give in and sleep with Pheezil already because alienism is bad? That's it, isn't it? OUCH! Crap, I should know better than to be sarcastic when teething anvils are clustering around me. Where's the Bacitracin? I gotta be careful of homo -- I mean, hydro-phobia.

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