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As the chords from "Stand By Your Vulcan" strike up, the computer monitor transports us back to Sim City. At the hearing -- there's a pointy-ear joke in there somewhere, isn't there? -- Dr. Ensign states that the fact that T'Pol has Pa'nar Syndrome is not why she's being recalled. And again we have to revisit that it's not the disease itself that makes her a pariah; it's the lifestyle choice. T'Pol reminds us that it's not a choice; it's how this minority was born. "Exactly, they're genetic aberrations who pray on people like you -- people foolish enough to experiment with abhorrent behavior," Dr. P'sh Over informs her. God, we get it already -- "mind-melders" = "homosexuals" and "Pa'nar Syndrome" = "AIDS" and in a few years the Vulcans will be enlightened enough to allow the mind-melders their own parade! Dr. Yurinate looks as though he's going to come out of the melding closet. Quantum uses this opportunity to let loose with all the personal issues he has with Vulcans, and because he's a human filled with volatile emotions, he can't sit in his chair. He has to get up and carry his furrows around the room while he makes his point: "We got rid of bigotry nearly a century ago. We're not afraid of diversity. We don't persecute it, we embrace it. If you call yourselves 'enlightened,' you have to accept people who are different than you are!" Oh, so what the hell is this? Now they're going to credit Gazelle Man Quantum with the whole Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations? Considering that came out as a Vulcan "thing" in "Is There In Truth No Beauty?", Gene Roddenberry just built a merry-go-round under his headstone. I really resent Braman and Bermaga's taking of this franchise (that SOMEONE WHO IS NOT EITHER OF THEM created, nurtured, and made into what it is) and rewriting the history so they can basically erase Roddenberry's touches and succubus their greasy fingerprints all over it instead. Sars? Hi, yeah, it's Keckler. Listen, I can't recap ever again for the rest of my life. Yeah. Well, it turns out I'm suffering from one of the more dramatic forms of brain fever.

"This is pointless, our culture is governed by rules. We're not about to ignore them," Dr. P'sh Over tells him. Dr. Yurinate's got his hand on the closet doorknob. T'Pol tells them that there aren't any rules telling them to oppress minorities. Dr. P'sh Over says, "You'd rather let them spread their infections -- that's exactly why you're being recalled." T'Pol corrects him and says she's being recalled because they don't like the idea of anything that doesn't conform to their standards of "acceptable" behavior. Dr. P'sh Over tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about; the decision has been made, hence the hearing is over. "She knows exactly what she's talking about!" Dr. Yurinate blurts out. "Are you questioning our judgement?" Dr. Ensign huff-and-stuffs. "There is nothing abhorrent about the way we lead our lives," Dr. Yurinate announces, now fully emerged from the closet. "'We'?!" Dr. P'sh Over repeats. "There is no simple definition of intimacy. Those of us capable of mind-melds are no different from you," Dr. Yurinate informs them. Quantum looks very confused. See, this is why he helped her. He's one of them -- get it? Never mind, I'll explain it back on the ship. Dr. Ensign tells him how hot the water is that he's getting himself into. "We share our thoughts differently -- we shouldn't be punished for that," Dr. Yurinate goes on. Dr. Ensign says the High Command will decide how both of them will be punished, and fusses up from the table. Dr. Yurinate pauses for a moment before getting up and saying, "She's not guilty of anything -- she was violated." Now T'Pol gets up and says, "You gave me your word!" "The mind-meld was performed against her will," Dr. Yurinate continues. Dr. Ensign wants to know if T'Pol can speak to that statement. T'Pol pleads the F'fth and says she won't allow them to perpetuate their double-standard, adding, "Condemn the infected when they meld by choice and sympathize with them when they do not?" Dr. Ensign wants to know what Quantum knows of this situation, but for once, he supports T'Pol and keeps his big mouth shut. "She told me herself -- she made me promise to stay silent," Dr. Yurinate tells the doctors. He apologizes to T'Pol, saying he had to tell the truth, and urges her to do the same. Oh, here it comes -- her big moment: "I have nothing to say to them," T'Pol states.

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