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Melded Cheese on Melda Toast

Sick Bay. Pheezil and Trip install the microscope. Trip professes to having problems with installation because the instructions are all in Denobulan. Pheezil understands, and assures him she's there to guide him through it. She points out something on the microscope and tells him to "screw" something else on to it. From here on out, her "guidance" gets downright ribald. She invades Trip's personal space in order to hand him an instrument, and then remains in his personal space until he says, "Yer, uh, gonna have to help me with this wun." "It's very simple," Pheezil smiles, "insert the thick end into this opening and it will automatically program the frequency." Trip inserts. "You can pull it out now. The stream should be initiated," Pheezil tells him after a bit. Trip pulls it out and tells her he thinks he's catching on, and maybe she can just explain the next few steps and he can do it on his own. I'll bet he does -- uh, can. Pheezil smiles that he's "a very confident young man." Trip tells her he tries to be, and she invades his personal space again in order to get her e-pad. After a few modulations, Pheezil tells Trip, "You're going to have to need to come a little closer to see this." Trip looks ruefully amused and leans in very slightly.

Captain's Table. Quantum tries to make small talk with T'Pol about Phlox's visit to the surface. T'Pol professes not to know that he left the ship. A lie? An evasion. Quantum then suggests that she might want to mingle with her fellow Vulkind, but T'Pol stonewalls him. Hoshi beeps in to say that a Vulcan transport is requesting to dock with them. "Speak of the devil -- looks like you won't have to go anywhere," Quantum tells her, and gets up from the table. Quantum tells Hoshi he'll meet them in Docking Port 2. "They've asked that the doctor join you and Subcommander T'Pol." Hoshi tells him. Quantum asks her to call the doctor, and T'Pol leaves the room. Oblivious to her "mood," Quantum follows her. By the way, they were eating breakfast, and The Salt and Pepper Shakers were in attendance. Last time they made an appearance on the show and I verbally coveted them, I got an email from a reader who told me he thought he knew the S&P's origin. He suspected they were actually used for tea. Gentle reader, if you've gathered any more research, please let me know! In the hall, Quantum asks T'Pol if she has any idea what the Vulcan's visit is about, but all T'Pol says is, "I haven't spoken to anyone on the surface." Interesting -- even though the whole "Vulcans are incapable of lying" thing was thrown out the window, dragged through the streets, and tarred and feathered decades ago, it seems as though she's trying hard not to lie outright to Quantum. I guess like Evan Marriott, she's never lied to get someone into bed. "You can bet they're not coming up for coffee and doughnuts," Quantum comments. Ever notice how Starbucks doesn't sell doughnuts? I find that odd. ["They do here. Krispy Kreme, even!" -- Sars]

In a conference room -- no wait, it just looks as though they've again taken the Mess and put it to another use. But instead of a fake-interrogation room, this time they've turned it into a conference room, complete with a semi-opaque Ikea conference table. Quantum offers the Vulcans some sustenance, saying, "Thanks to Subcommander T'Pol, our chef has learned to make some pretty decent plomeek soup." How would he know? Has he ever tried it? Dr. Ensign thanks him, but says they've come to speak to his doctor. "With your permission," he adds. Quantum invites him to have at it, and exhorts the Vulcans to let him know if they need anything. He and T'Pol start to leave, but Dr. Ensign requests that T'Pol remain. T'Pol and Phlox sit as Quantum leaves.

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