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Phlox points out, "I believe your culture embraces the concept of doctor-patient confidentiality." In a dead voice, T'Pol tells Quantum that her disease is not contagious and that his knowing would have achieved exactly nothing. Quantum demands to know why she didn't tell the Vulcans the truth, and why Phlox thought he needed to invent a Denobulan colleague as means of getting the proper information. Phlox explains all about how the disease carries the episode title on Vulcan, to which T'Pol adds that if the High Command knew of her health issues, she would lose her commission. Quantum sweats out this concept: "For having a disease?" T'Pol revisits much of what we already know about the people who are capable of transmitting the disease. The new twist she puts on it is that only certain Vulcans carry the midichlorians that allow them to perform "a very intimate form of telepathy." "'Intimate'?" Quantum repeats, looking around for his Merriam-Webster. "The melding of minds," T'Pol explains. This admission provokes Quantum to recall that the Ship o' Hippie Vulcans were "experimenting with emotions." The Anvil Of How Many Ways Can We Align This Disease With AIDS tries to get my attention by stepping on The Anvil of Drug Users Even "Experimentalists" Can Get AIDS Too's face and making a loud noise. T'Pol agrees that the Hippie Vulcans were part of the telepathic minority, and one of the reasons for them running away from home was to avoid having fruit and various breads thrown at them as they walked down the streets. "Their behavior is considered unnatural -- they're seen as a threat," T'Philadephia states. Quantum comments that she belongs in that minority, but T'Pol disagrees. Phlox explains that only members of the genetic minority can initiate the mind-meld, but any Vulcan can receive it. Quantum takes a long step toward T'Pol in order to furrow The Furrow Of Representing The Member Of The Viewing Audience Whose Current Billing Address Is Under A Rock, and asks why she would take such a risk. "It wasn't by choice," T'Pol chokes out. "One of the men on that ship..." She is unable to complete the sentence. It must be because her throat is parched for lack of wine -- I know mine is. "You were attacked!" Quantum announces, FINALLY remembering how he got thrown up against a wall by B'Stiller in that very office.

Okay, I'm going to say something here, but don't get all huffy until I finish, all right? First of all, when B'Stiller talked about doing a mind-meld with T'Pol, her reaction was "Mind-meld?" as though she didn't have the foggiest what he was talking about. That still really irks me. Really. A lot. B'Stiller explains it, and she agrees to it by saying, "Proceed," and they do. Now, partway through the whole thing, she changes her mind and tries to make B'Stiller stop. But he doesn't. The meld isn't broken until she pushes him away. Okay, she said "stop," and he should have stopped. Since they will persist in aligning mind-melds with intercourse, "no" means "no" at any stage of the mind-melding, full-stop. However, he didn't exactly "attack" her in the sense that Quantum is suggesting. Yes, he may have misled her, manipulated her, and coerced her, and those can all be seen as forms of attack. Sneak attacks, really. BUT we know that when Quantum says "attack," he's using the physical sense of the word. That didn't happen. I'm not saying what B'Stiller did was right -- go read my recap if you want my honest and somewhat profane opinion of that whole episode -- but Quantum's not exactly getting the whole picture here, and god knows, he needs things spelled out very carefully for him. Just listen to the way he talks if you want proof.

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