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Melded Cheese on Melda Toast

Pheezil asks if she can join them. Hoshi invites her to sit down, and tells her she's been meaning to introduce herself. "You're the language wizard -- my husband speaks very fondly of you," Pheezil tells her. Then they commence to speak in Denobulan about transitive verbs and Hoshi's linguistic adeptness. Trip finally tells them he's getting "a little paranoid," and wonders if they're talking about him. Did you hear your name, buddy? I didn't think so. Just shovel a spoonful of "Shut up, Trip" into your mouth. Chef outdid himself on it. "Matter of fact, we were," Hoshi teases. Under the table, Pheezil slides a tangerine-tighted leg up Trip's leg. Trip fidgets. If she gets any bolder with her geography, Trip gonna wish he was wearing a cup. Remember Phlox's toenails? "Ensign Sato barely has an accent, she was telling me how attractive she thinks you are," Pheezil oozes. Hoshi falls all over herself to assure Trip that they were only talking about grammar, and shoots Pheezil a weirded-out look. "It's okay, Hoshi," Trip tells her. Hoshi gets up to leave and tells Pheezil it was nice to meet her. Kind of bitchy on Pheezil's part to put Hoshi in a situation where she felt the need to explain herself to Trip and follow it with a "sir." "I wasn't exactly pulling your leg, was I?" Pheezil says, in what I'm sure she thinks are seductive tones. Good to see the Denobulan native understands English idiomatic phrases. Trip giggles a bit and finally says, "Look, I'm very flattered, but aren't you a married woman?" Pheezil shrugs, "I'm a woman -- that's all that matters, isn't it?" Trip tries to get away from her Denobulan toenails by saying that the Captain wanted him to write up a summary of that night's movie. "Save me a seat!" Pheezil purrs. "You probably wouldn't like it. It's very scary and you gotta be human to appreciate horror films. I'll see you in the morning!" Trip rushes his sentences and his body out of the Mess. Pheezil just smiles.

Ship's Gym. Trip greets a stationary-bike-riding Reed with, "She's at it agin!" "I don't know about you," Reed chuckles, "but I find her quite attractive." Of course you do; the writers want to make it good and clear that you are NOT the gay character we've all been wishing on a star for. Trip gets on a bike and starts pedaling. "Come on, Malcolm -- this is serious. What if Phlox found out?" Trip demands. Malcolm asks if Trip has done anything to encourage her. "Of course not!" Trip interrupts him. "Maybe I should tell the doc." Reed laughs heartily at the idea of Trip telling Phlox that his wife is putting the moves on him.. "It might be a lot easier to avoid her advances than get Phlox angry. I once saw him lose his temper when one of his creatures bit him. It was not a pretty site," Reed laughs. Trip shakes his head and sighs. After seeing what Phlox is like when he's awakened from his annual sleep, I'd love to see him do anger.

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