Storm Front, Part I

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Ding Dong, Daniels is Dead!

In the corridors, T'Pol brings Quantum up to speed. Quantum orders her to take apart the Alienazi iPod and figure out how to monitor their transmissions and download a bunch of Sarah MacLachlan from iTunes for free. They reach Sickbay, and Porthos leaps at Quantum. Phlox is quietly pleased to see Quantum. "I hope that's the last time you'll have to look after Porthos," Quantum says. I don't -- it's the only time we've seen Porthos get treated properly. Daniels has to ruin this moment by being almost dead and telling Quantum that the Alienazis are the most dangerous of all the Temporal Cold War factions, and are lead by Vosk, who is very opposed to the Temporal Accords. Is he related to Tosk? Vosk apparently defeated the people of Daniels's time and launched this war that's destroying all of time. Doesn't this mean that the Temporal Cold War has warmed up a bit? I mean, they obviously didn't get past their Cuban Missile Crisis. Daniels sent Quantum to this point because it's here where Vosk can be stopped. I so do not care about this storyline. When I saw the finale, I was visualizing hoards of Alienazis and just imagining how they could explain how the aliens came to exist in that time, but now I see it's just two or three of them and no one else really knows they exist. Such a major letdown and waste of potential. Daniels tells him that if he succeeds, the war will never happen and the timeline will be restored. Wait, how? I mean, fine, destroy Vosk and save Daniels's future if you must, but what about the Nazi occupation of America that never really happened? Destroying Vosk now after the Nazis have set up shop across the Eastern Seaboard doesn't actually change the fact that they have set up shop across the Eastern Seaboard. You'd have to go back in time to fix that, and that's not really what Daniels is saying, is it? Why? WHY do I TRY? Quantum mentions the time machine, and Daniels gasps that the original time machine (I can't believe I'm typing this) was a one-way ticket into the past, so Vosk needed to build the conduit (the Time Machine IIe) to get back. Quantum must destroy the conduit. I must throw up. Daniels dies dramatically. I'm beginning to think that Daniels is the unknown force that drives Quantum to leap around the galaxy, putting right what once was wrong.

Trip and May-Nein are marched into an interrogation room, where they will be interrogated. Camel Taupe tells him that their companion managed to evade them, but they won't be so lucky. Trip thinks hard about what companion he's referring to, and it would actually be logical for Trip to assume it is Silik. Camel Taupe doesn't feel like talking to them right now so he sends them back to their cells while he goes off to conduct another "test."

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