Storm Front, Part I

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Ding Dong, Daniels is Dead!

Sickbay. Phlox brings Daniels around, and T'Pol tells him that Quantum is dead for now and the Xindi weapon destroyed (maybe also "for now," because with this show, who the hell knows?). Daniels wheezes that he is indeed responsible for their time-travel, because the Temporal Cold War has become an all-out conflict with temporal agents stationed throughout the timeline carrying orders to change history, because each faction is trying to wipe the others out. T'Pol grips Daniels and explains the Nazi debacle. Daniels wheezes, "Different incursions are causing paradoxes -- turbulences in the time-stream -- I almost didn't make it back." I was just about to say, "Shut up, Daniels!" when he interrupts me by having bit a of a conniption. Once he stops flailing, T'Pol asks him how they get back to their time. "You can't -- it doesn't exist, at least, not the way you remember it. Neither does mine -- it's all gone. You have to stop him," Daniels rasps. "Stop who?" T'Pol demands a few times as Daniels expires a little more.

Somewhere in the Third Reich's study. The Alienazis talk about the recent ambush and the prisoner they have who might talk if they make him watch a few more hours of Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. Camel Taupe mentions that they are picking up signals of a ship in orbit that has the same temporal stamp as Quantum's communicator. He orders the prisoner brought to him, once he's done throwing up from witnessing the horrors of tinned crabmeat sandwiches dipped in fondant and sprinkled with glitter.

On Sars's street. Alicia brings Quantum food as he finishes buttoning a shirt that belongs to her husband who is now on a destroyer in the Pacific. Quantum takes a bite of food and says, "It's not bad." Alicia calls him a rotten liar and says that all the good stuff goes to the Germans. Yeah, but somehow Café Rene always got good the stuff -- I think it was von Smallhausen's influence. Alicia waxes dramatic about the day the Nazis "rolled up Flatbush." Yes, yes, and when the Nazis march out, you'll wear that blue dress again -- we've ALL seen the movie you're ripping off. Alicia bitches about the President promising to persevere but then turning tail and running out of D.C. Music plays outdoors and Alicia smiles "sadly" and says, "Right on time." Quantum recognizes the strains of Billie Holiday and follows Alicia outside. She explains, "Germans outlawed colored music. Some of the neighbors pass a phonograph from house to house every night, so the Germans can't find it. Just another way of telling them off." "Alicia, I'm going to ask you something -- it's going to sound a little strange -- does this remind you of a bad Quantum Leap episode?" Or maybe he just asks about the Alienazi being, well, an alien. From her reaction, Quantum guesses this isn't the first time she's heard or thought about that. She shrugs off that she thought they were just stories. Quantum insists that they are more than that and he must to track down Shades of Gray right away. "It's very important." Yes, he needs to bring him some chilled cucumber slices.

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