Storm Front, Part I

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Ding Dong, Daniels is Dead!

In a darkened alley some time later, Oxmyx tells Quantum that the guy they're meeting is a drunkard and a welscher, so they shouldn't put too much stock in what he says. Fine. Move it along, please. After some minor intimidation by Oxmyx and Krakko and wise-guying in response by the welscher, Quantum gets his information. The welscher's been mole-ing for the Alienazis, and he informs on the Gestapo as well as on the Resistance. He says he once he caught a glimpse of his contact, and admits he's like no one he's ever seen: "It's the red eyes I can't forget." Aw, you could almost put that on a Hallmark card. Quantum demands a meeting. The Welsh Mole hesitates until Alicia says, "Sal." This single syllable pushes Oxmyx into forgiving the Welsh Mole twenty percent of his debts. Krakko's all, "Damn, Oxmyx," and Oxmyx admits that he's a generous guy, but warns the Welsh Mole not to get him in a bad mood because the Nazis don't have nothing on the days he gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

Trip and May-Still-Here beam in and talk about how weird Earth seems. Well, they're on an unrealistic grassy knoll, and it's TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO -- what the hell were they expecting? They find the sh'pod as artillery explode in the distance.

As they wait, Oxmyx whispers to Quantum about how their resistance is far from futile and is in fact growing every day. A tall man in a hat approaches from the distance and Oxmyx hands over his gun to Quantum. The Alienazi calls out for the Welsh Mole, and when Quantum steps out the Alienazi just says, "You." Ooh, scary! Alicia, Oxmyx, and Krakko step out of the shadows, ordering the Alienazi to drop his piece. He doesn't, so they close in on him and Alicia wrenches his gun from him as the Alienazi backs into light. "Holy Mother of --" Krakko swears as he catches sight of the gray complexion and bloodshot eyes.

Unrealistic grassy knoll. Trip and May-Still-Here examine the sh'pod, and tell T'Pol they are examining the sh'pod. It looks like they pawed through Reed's vintage closet and got some period-appropriate clothes.

Oxmyx and Krakko debate whether or not Shades of Gray is wearing a mask as Quantum goes through the Alienazi's pockets. He pulls out a small circular device that emits a high keening noise and glows green. It's the new iPod. Quantum wants to know who Shades of Gray is, but Shades of Gray isn't inclined to answer that. "How about if we pulled out your tongue?" Krakko offers eagerly. Maybe he doesn't have a tongue. Shades of Gray taunts Quantum for not being very informed, and Oxmyx demands to know what a temporal agent is. "You're helping the Germans win the war -- why?" Quantum questions. "Because, it suits us," Shades of Gray sneers. Interesting that the actor under all that gray mask and red eyes is the same dude who played Tuvix in an episode of Voyager. "How does this suit you?" Oxmyx asks, and fires at Shades of Gray. Shades of Gray grips a gray palm that bleeds yellow. Quantum gets really mad at Oxmyx and tries to rough him up, and all the while Krakko's pointing his gun at Quantum's head, pleading with Oxmyx to "just say the word." Word! Word! WORD! Considering that Quantum has done worse things to get information out of people, I don't see how -- oh, just forget it. I don't have the strength tonight. Oxmyx just says "the hell with it" and breaks out of Quantum's grasp. Krakko also gives Quantum an extra shove. Quantum plays good cop, saying he doesn't know how long he can hold the Panini brothers off, and again bellows for information. Shades of Gray says he and his bland-complected friends are trapped and have to build a time machine to get home. That's right, a time machine. Except they call it a "conduit." Shades of Gray cops to detecting and scanning Quantum's ship as well as his communicator, which explains how they know he's playing Future Boy. A Gestapo siren goes off, and the Panini brothers want to get the hell out of there. Quantum goes to leave but turns back to ask, "The conduit, where's it being built?" I AM SO SICK OF THEM HAVING TO FIND THINGS THAT ARE BEING BUILT! God. "You will find it," Shades of Gray sneers, "you won't stop us -- when we get back you'll never have existed!"

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