Storm Front, Part I

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Ding Dong, Daniels is Dead!

Yeah, and that brings up a good point: isn't it possible, even highly probable, that with the current timeline being so fucked up, Quantum (or any of the Enterprise crew) doesn't even exist anymore? His future existence would have been affected as soon as the tides of war turned the wrong way. Why don't all of them -- or even some of them -- just disappear? Explain that one to me, please. "Well, they can't -- Bakula's on a multi-year contract," the Evil Dr. Mathra observes calmly. I hate it when I get all worked up about temporal bullshit and he doesn't. Usually it's the other way around because I just refuse to believe in the temporal bullshit and he goes nuts trying to make me understand why "Cause and Effect" and "Yesterday's Enterprise" are such fabulous episodes. Oxmyx responds to Shades of Gray's mwa-ha-ha-ing by shooting him a bunch of times and then daring Quantum with a look to make something of it.

Unrealistic grassy knoll. Trip comms T'Pol that the sh'pod will take weeks to repair, and Reed announces the approach of some vehicles. In response to Trip's query, T'Pol says they will deal with the Silik issue later. Trip and May-Still-Here sign off to carry out Plan B.

As Alicia, Oxmyx, and Krakko try to figure out amongst themselves what Shades of Gray was, Quantum attempts to contact Enterprise with the iPod. Oxmyx wants to know what Shades of Gray meant by saying Quantum was from the future, and what the hell Shades of Gray even was. "That was an extra-terrestrial," Quantum says. "A Martian?" Oxmyx boggles. "I don't know what planet he was from," Quantum stonewalls. Ha. Ha. "And where are you from?" Oxmyx follows up. "Upstate New York," Quantum says. Aren't you going to add that you just work in space? Alicia notes that there are a lot of people out after curfew, and then all the shooting starts. The Nazis kill Oxmyx, and Krakko hollers at Quantum and Alicia to move their asses while he stays and fights. Quantum turns around to squeeze off one totally ineffective shot before darting down an alley. The Nazis give chase. Quantum hides next to an oil drum and tries to contact Enterprise. Alicia gets really annoyed with him and snatches up his gun once hers runs out of bullets.

Unrealistic grassy knoll. Trip comms the ship that the charges are set, just as some Nazi jeeps and German Shepherds reach them. They dart into some bushes. The Nazis crawl inside the sh'pod, and Trip blows it up. The poor dogs! Trip and May-Nein don't get very far before they are surrounded by another host of Nazis. May-Nein gestures a bit with his phaser, but Trip shakes his head, silently telling him not to bother.

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