Storm Front, Part II

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Silik Stalkings

We see the Xindi weapon explode, and Quantum returns to the Bridge. And he's STILL wearing Alicia's husband's clothes. If time was reset -- none of them should have any memory of what just happened, right? RIGHT?! "Everyone all right?" Quantum asks. They all seem to be. "Captain!" May-Wetter breathes. Quantum looks up to see Earth. "We're in the right place," Quantum says, and turns to T'Pol. Don't say it. DON'T say it! DON'T SAY -- "Let's find out if we're in the right time." ...It. There's a glacial pause as the "tension" "builds." Hoshi reports that they are getting multiple signals. And that's...good, right? Hoshi tearfully lists all of them, including my home city. T'Pol picks up vessels approaching, "dozens of them." "Do they look friendly?" Quantum asks. There's no answer, but a bunch of ships fly toward them. Unless the Evil Admiral Forrest is on one of them -- I'm guessing the answer is yes. Can we just discuss the injustice of Silik's death and Daniels's reincarnation? No, no -- never mind, I'm too exhausted. I'll leave it with Silik rules, Daniels drools all over Quantum, and you all know which one I'd prefer dead, buried, and digested by worms.

Oh, man, it's been a long, long time, so why don't you just kiss the boys goodbye and I'll cover the waterfront until they sound the last all clear? I'll be seeing you.

Next week: They all leap "Home" and T'Pol goes out for a cuppa Coconut Coffee.

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