Storm Front, Part II

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Silik Stalkings

Quantum comms Enterprise desperately as he hangs over Silik's fallen form. Silik gasps a reminder that the ionization in the atmosphere won't allow the call to get through. "We'll get you outta here," Quantum furrows as he clasps a hand to the Suliban's shoulder. "I think not," Silik says, and chokes. "You've proven a worthy opponent," Silik goes on, intent on declaring his love before he death rattles, "I would have preferred to die fighting you." Of course he would have. In bed. Silik sighs that he supposes he can just settle for Quantum being at his side as he takes his last look at life. And there's the rattle. Quantum pauses for a moment to drop a tear and then jumps up. To run right into Trip. "Trip!" Quantum says joyfully, clearly ready to move on now that his time of mourning is over. Trip holds him off with a gun. "Trip, it's me!" Quantum pleads. Trip barks, "Shut up!" Yeah! I know he's been waiting a long-ass time to say that! Trip thinks Quantum is Silik in disguise and offers to "blow his ugly head off." "If you do, you'll probably regret it," Quantum says and nods over at Silik's body. It sloooowly dawns on Trip that Quantum is alive and standing before him. He's all, "I can't believe it!" as he grips his captain's shoulders. Quantum: "The building's about to blow up." Trip: "Gotcha!" That was the only "hee" moment in the whole episode, and it was entirely due to Trinneer's delivery.

Enterprise. Reed comments that their targeting scanners can't get a lock, and says he'll have to do it the old-fashioned way. And you know he just loves that. Reed announces that a group of aircraft is taking off from a base north of Manhattan and is headed toward them.

It now seems to be midday, and Alicia and Krakko are still fighting the Nazis in the same tiny alley. Quantum steals up to Krakko's side and tells him to call off his dogs. "No way -- I'm having too much fun!" Krakko protests. "In a few seconds this entire area is going to be bombed," Quantum tells him. "Planes?" Krakko anvils, before telling his men to fall back and get the hell outta there. Alicia flatlines her farewells to Quantum. "I want my neighborhood back the way it was. And my husband. I want him home. Fix all that. Okay." Alicia puts me to sleep but not using any sort of punctuation in her delivery. A flock of planes CGIs overhead (hey, the Avians!) before Quantum promises that there will be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover tomorrow. Just you wait and see.

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