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Reed and Quantum creep into the cave, and Quantum spies a very narrow opening in the rocks. "Best to let me go first, sir," Reed suggests. Quantum looks down at his captainly gut and at Reed's trim waist, and agrees. Somehow, Reed manages to wriggle through the opening -- which a minute ago didn't even look large enough for his head to fit through -- and Quantum joins him. They swing their flashlights around the cave as they hear a scrabbling noise. Their beams catch a tortoise-shelled, scaly-tailed creature burrowing into the rock. "It's friggin' Ceti Alpha Five, again -- better cover your ears," Mathra advises, looking up from grading midterms. Reed and Quantum proceed through the tunnels as T'Pol and Mayweather stand guard outside. Reed and Quantum come to a bigger candlelit cavern and observe signs of habitation -- if the hanging shells of scrabbling rock creatures, a wok of blood and bobbling white things, some crude weapons, and various other sundry cave dwelling items can be considered signs of habitation. How do they know that they haven't been lured into a cave of Morlocks, about to be eaten alive like the rest of the Eloi? Reed hisses at Quantum and gestures upwards. Quantum shines his beam around the ceiling and sees lots of mud-plastered faces looking down at them. "Bit early for Halloween, isn't it, guys?" Quantum asks them. But what the Mud Morlocks hear is, "My name is Archer. We're looking for some people. I was hoping you could help us. We're not going to hurt you. We're just trying to find out what happened to them." Quantum rasps, like he needs some water.

About two seconds after Quantum says, "We're not going to hurt you," Reed phasers one of the Mud Morlocks, who tries to shoot at them. Fancy the cheek of the Mud Morlocks, attempting to attack people intruding in their home. There's some more gun and phaser play in the caverns, which causes Reed and Quantum to scuttle off. T'Pol attempts to guide them out of the rockyrinth, but doesn't do so good a job of it. Quantum struggles through that impossibly small rock crevice from earlier, and Reed gets shot in the leg. "I'm all right, sir," Reed rallies valiantly, but as soon as Quantum turns his back, one of the Mud Morlocks grabs the wounded Brit and ferrets him off. Quantum turns back to see Reed's flashlight lying on the cavern's floor in an ominous sort of way. The brave Captain tries to go after his missing crewman but gets fired on, so he scraps that idea and runs away. Hearing the gunfire, Mayweather stands right in front of the cave entrance in case a stray bullet was looking for him. A Mud Morlock comes flying out and tackles him square in the chest. They tussle a bit until T'Pol phasers him. I'm wondering if the phasers are set on "stun" or "kill" tonight. Quantum emerges from the cave, dusty and breathless. T'Pol, Mayweather, and Quantum jump into the pod, and Quantum orders liftoff. "If those aliens killed the colonists, they could kill Malcolm, too!" Mayweather says. "Those weren't aliens," T'Pol informs them, "they're human." Quantum looks shocked as they fly away. I'm sorry, but I cannot believe they just left Reed there with so little effort to rescue him. Picard never would have done that.

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