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On Terra Nova, Phlox asks Quantum if he thinks the Mud Morlocks know they're there. "Hard not to hear a shuttle pod landing on your roof," Quantum responds. They walk a few more paces, until Quantum stops Phlox with his hand and listens to the answer that's blowing in the wind. "I'm unarmed," he calls out, "I just want to talk." Phlox looks curiously at Quantum's arms raised in surrender-mode and copies him, awkwardly. Quantum continues talking to the wind, saying, "I'm concerned about my officer. I'd like to see him." A few Mud Morlocks with weapons come out of the bushes and apprehend the Captain and the Doctor.

They are taken into the deep, dark caverns, where they find a deep, dark Reed. "Fancy meeting you here," Reed quips, wincing as he remembers he's supposed to be wounded. Quantum asks him how his leg is. "I've lost a bit of blood, sir, I don't think it's too serious," Reed tells him. Phlox asks the Mud Morlocks for his medical supplies, but they are reluctant to comply. Another Mud Morlock, who looks like Chris Elliott in a blue cornmeal masque, walks authoritatively into the cavern. "Human?" Muddy Chris asks. I think Enterprise took a wrong turn somewhere, so that instead of reaching Terra Nova, they've fetched up in a chic European spa instead. "That's right," Quantum says cautiously, wondering if such a masque would improve his pores. "What's that?" Chris in the Muddy asks, jerking his head at Phlox. "My name is Phlox. I'm a Denobulan. I am Captain Archer's physician," Phlox tells him. I think that's the first time we've heard Phlox's species mentioned. "You tracked from Earth on a Sky Ship," Chris in the Muddy says. Quantum agrees, and tells him the ship's name is Enterprise. "To what?" Chris in the Muddy says, getting up in Quantum's face. "Gut the rest of us?" "No," Quantum tells him cautiously. "We're here to find out what happened to the colony. We've come to help you." Another Mud Morlock steps up. "Novans have had enough 'help' from you," it says. "We're not so easy to hunt as Diggers," Chris in the Muddy tells Quantum. "Go back to the Overside or we'll seal your passage." Quantum again tries to explain that they're there to help them. Chris in the Muddy gestures at Reed and tells Quantum to take him and "don't track back." Is this an attempt at some form of NewSpeak? It's just so 1984. Quantum tells them they would gladly do that, but with Reed's bum leg, they have no hope of making it through the tunnels. "My doctor needs to treat him," Quantum explains. Chris in the Muddy gestures to the Mud Morlocks to give Phlox his medical toys.

"What makes you think we're here to hurt you?" Quantum asks as Phlox examines Reed. "Humans hurt Novans," Chris in the Muddy tells him. Quantum asks him why he thinks that. "They gutted us. They gutted our families, our before-families," Chris in the Muddy elaborates succinctly. Quantum tells him he doesn't understand. "Poison rain," an older woman next to Chris in the Muddy says. "I was no taller than a Digger but I can still see back. We lived on the Overside then. The humans dropped the poison, burned our skin, gutted the grown ones. There was no place to go but here --" and the older Mud Morlock is seized with a fit of coughing. "To the 'Underside,'" Quantum finishes for her. "I think I know what you are talking about. The poison rain, it was some kind of radiation. I don't know what caused it but I am sure it wasn't humans." Phlox finishes with Reed and tells Quantum, "He can walk, more or less, but I'll need to get him back to sick bay to remove the projectile." Quantum attempts to explain to the Mud Morlocks that they're all descendents of the human beings who colonized the planet seventy years ago. He suggests that they try to put their heads together and discover what happened to the colony. The Mud Morlocks are not buying it. "He speaks in shale," one of them hisses to Chris in the Muddy. Quantum says, "If that's your way of calling me a liar, give me a chance to prove what I am saying. My 'Sky Ship' has tools that can tell us what happened here." "No!" Chris in the Muddy growls.

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