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Bye, Bye, Trekkie

In other news we don't care about, Brenda Starrship is released and May-It's-So-Hard-To-Say-Goodbye-To-YesterTrek walks her down the corridor. I clean my toenails. They talk about the conference. May-It's-So-Hard-To-Say-Goodbye-To-YesterTrek says, "It's a first step -- the captain says it will take years to work out the details." Ten years, actually, but for us? A matter of minutes. Brenda Starrship flirts about them getting along. "A lot of details to work out," May-It's-So-Hard-To-Say-Goodbye-To-YesterTrek repeats. End this. Now. Brenda Starrship looks at the transporter pad and hints, "Isn't that the fast way home?" May-It's-So-Hard-To-Say-Goodbye-To-YesterTrek gets up behind her and stilts, "The least I can do is give you a ride." I thought he already did that. They hold hands and walk to the launch bay.

In her room, T'Pol is dressed in her ceremonial Vulcan robes. She holds the IDIC necklace to her lips. Trip walks in. He starts off shakily with, "The delegates at the conference -- they've, uh, asked about the service for --" He chokes and impotently brushes the wall with his hand and then fiddles with his sling. "For Elizabeth." Trip's face completely crumples. The delegates want to attend. "She was important," T'Pol says, not looking at Trip. I like to think she's afraid to look at him because she knows she will lose control. Pickled as I am by drink, cynicism, and snark, I can't not cry at this scene. "There's something else," Trip says, sniffling back loads of very real snot and phlegm, which just makes Trinneer the best actor on this show. "I spoke with Phlox. It turns out there was a flaw in the technique that Dr. Evil RoboCreep's doctors used in the cloning process." Trip is now sitting next to T'Pol, and at this, she starts to look up at him. "Human DNA," Trip continues wetly, "and Vulcan DNA...Phlox says there's no medical reason why they can't combine. So, if a Vulcan and a human" -- Trip starts to lose it again, and so do I -- "ever decided to have a child, it'd probably be okay." Trip looks at T'Pol, the tears running down his face. "That's sort of comforting." T'Pol reaches over to grip Trip's thigh while still holding the IDIC necklace. Trip grabs at her hand and squeezes. Hm, Vulcans seem to favor French tips. After all, they are the most logical manicure. Sorry, I can't completely give up the snark -- that was a truly awesome scene and as far as I'm concerned, this episode's the finale, because what they do to these two in the "finale" is absolutely absurd and completely insulting. Plus, what they do to Quantum makes me...oh, just wait.

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