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Say Goodnight, Shran

For the record, I don't believe for a second that Trinneer is leaving the show. I don't even think they'll have the spirit or the guts or the ingenuity to transfer him to Columbia even for a brief amount of time. However, I never miss an opportunity to scream at Quantum. Especially since my father recently told me that he thought Quantum was a nice guy and that I should "go easy on him." My father, who has seen maybe five episodes of Enterprise in four years! My father, who has never watched any other Star Trek series! My father, who voted for -- no, never mind.

Next week: Man, even the announcer sounds excited about the cancellation. "Enterprise -- the first flagship of the Federation, these are her LAST voyages. These are the FINAL episodes." It's kinda mean. But considering my recaps, I sort of find it funny. Anyway, next week there's a spy on the ship coming in from the cold. And you know, it's VERY cold in space.

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