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Say Goodnight, Shran

Romchester. They are twelve hours away from launching both drones. While the scientist in 2nd Romnana bristles at being called a "soldier," Val-dor-EE recalls the heady days of being a senator. Do I care? Not really. All it tells us is that Val-dor-EE was fired because he questioned whether the idea of "unlimited expansion" was the best thing for Romulans. He has now learned his lesson and will never question authority again. Because that's a healthy reaction.

In the snow caves, Shran points out holes in the ice, saying they are made by "ice spores" -- worms that live in the ice and generate heat by a chemical reaction. On their way down some steep steps, Shran falls, does a somersault, and falls some more. Quantum scampers after him. Shran lies flat on his back, legs slightly spread, and sticking out of his leg is a big, blue, glossy stalagmite. Nope. I'm not buying it -- that thing is so phallic-looking that it might as well come with AA batteries. And I'll tell you this much, from the camera angle, it sort of looks like Shran is not so much cold as he is…no. I can't go there. I REALLY can't go there. Shran braces himself and slowly, languidly, and with a lot of moaning and wet noises, lifts his body off Big Blue. Because this was his first time, Shran is losing a lot of blood. As Quantum attempts to administer first aid (you just know he's going to do something stupid like put ice on the wound), we see an Aenar skulking in the distance. She's got this gauzy veil over the bottom half of her face. Because that's warm.

After the commercials, Quantum cinches up Shran's leg and grouses at him not to move. I don't think Quantum's ever been in more danger of his furrows freezing that way. Shran comments that they are going to die. Stupidly, Quantum whips out his communicator and tries to call the ship. Shran reminds him that they are inside the dampening field. "It doesn't hurt to try," Quantum snaps. No, it doesn't hurt to try -- it just makes you look like an idiot. Since he's waited out his ten minutes, Shran's antennae stiffen and hone in on the skulking Aenar. Another skulker comes out of a snowdrift. She's also wearing a cozy veil around her neck and face. Quantum tells them they need their help. The first skulking Aenar kneels down at Shran's side, takes a moment, and says they will assist them.

Enterprise sickbay. Hm, nice unit. Phlox judges they are ready to put someone in his unit for a test run. He admits that it will be very dangerous. Trip wants to be the first one to try it out. Trip, did you suddenly acquire telepathic abilities in that thick head of yours while no one was looking? No? Then shut up. T'Pol pretty much repeats my sentiments and says that using him wouldn't be a true test of the unit's capabilities. "Well, at least we'll find out if it causes brain damage," Trip says. No, no we wouldn't, Trip. T'Pol and Trip argue a bit, but T'Pol wins. Phlox looks on in concern.

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