The Aenar (3)

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Say Goodnight, Shran

Romtroit. Val-dor-EE gives orders to attack with the second drone. 2nd Romnana reluctantly complies.

Enterprise quickly realizes that the Andorian battlecruiser the drone is posing as is a fake, and targets it. As T'Pol notes a power surge in Sickbay connected to the Unit, Quantum comms to find out what's going on. Phlox reports that Voldenar was insistent on trying again.

Sickbay. Phlox notes a cortical fluctuation and worries that Voldenar is going to have a seizure, but Voldenar pants loudly that she can do it.

Romtwerp. 2nd Romnana reports that Enterprise has lost warp capabilities and also that someone has tapped into their telemetric array.

Inside his gimp suit, Geordi La Bleu recognizes his sister's mind. We get close-ups of both of their faces with blue and red lights playing across them. It's really odd how much more blind Geordi La Bleu appears compared to Voldenar -- I still can't figure out why they made that decision. Voldenar tells Geordi La Bleu that she is on the ship he's attacking. Geordi La Bleu immediately stops the drones from firing. Val-dor-EE is furious that they are now defenseless.

Enterprise. Reed notes that they've stopped firing.

As the siblings exchange pleasantries ("I thought you were dead!" "No, no, I thought you were dead") we learn that Geordi La Bleu was indeed abducted from Andoria and told that he was the last surviving member of his species. Right. And the reason why Geordi La Bleu believed them was because he thought it was uncouth to read the minds of the nice people who had abducted him, tortured him, and used him to murder lots of people? Whatever -- this episode bores me with all its ridiculous inconsistencies. Geordi La Bleu agonizes over how many people he's killed, but Voldenar attempts to soothe him, saying it wasn't in his control. She tells him he knows what he has to do. Geordi La Bleu wiggles his fingers, and one drone starts to attack the other. The Romulans realize they have lost all control of the drones and their weapons.

Enterprise. After Reed reports this turn of events, Quantum suggests they "give [the drones] a hand."

Val-dor-EE holds a disruptor to Geordi La Bleu's neck and orders him to stop. 2nd Romnana shouts, "NO!" but is held back by other Romulans. "Resume your attack on the Earth ship," Val-dor-EE orders. "Remember me," Geordi La Bleu tells his sister, who pants out his name. One drone ship destroys the other, and Val-dor-EE shoots Geordi La Bleu. On Enterprise, Voldenar gasps and slumps. Shran and Phlox rush to get her out of the Unit.

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