The Andorian Incident

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Scent of a Vulcan

In the catacombs, the assault team finds the grotto behind the Big Rock Face and starts making preparations. They're using flashlights -- uh, don't you think the Blue Streaks might see beams of light flashing from the Big Rock Face's eyes and mouth? In fact, the Big Rock Face's orifices are so obviously hollow; why haven't the Blue Suede Shoes at least explored what might be behind the face, therefore leading them to the catacombs? I think the Blue Parrots are none too bright. They have good reason to be jealous of the Vulcan intelligence.

In the holding cell, the Bluegrass paces around T'Pol and says, "Most Vulcans smell of dust, but you're different." "Somethin' sure smells," Trip mutters. Yeah, and I think it's coming from the direction of this episode. "Did you say something, pink-skin?" the Blue Velvet shouts. Trip feigns innocence.

Catacombs. Reed and friends plant things on the wall behind the Big Rock Face and hear the NYPD Blues announce that they are picking up three new human bio-signs within twenty meters of them. The Blue Grottos panic around, trying to techno-locate the new bio-signs.

Vulcan holding cell. Rhapsody In Blue continues to chat up T'Pol, smarming, "I've heard about your mating rituals. That Vulcan women force their men to fight each other to the death. Would you like me to kill someone for you?" In the background, Quantum swaggers to his feet and says, "Leave her alone." Out Of The Blue looks at him briefly and then turns back to meditating on T'Pol's obese lips and whispers, "Would you like me to kill him?"

Catacombs. Reed and Assault Team Members One and Two do some more configuring and arraying and general polarizing. "Find them!" Periwinkle commands in the Atrium. "They're very close!" the other one says. Close never won a race. Aren't they at all curious about that Big Rock Face and its orifices? Can I hammer that point any closer to home? There are some beeps and green flashing in Reed's hand and suddenly the Big Rock Face explodes, knocking the three Blue Screens to the ground.

In the Vulcan holding cell, the Aquamarine guard is distracted by the sound of the blast, so Trip leaps on him and tries to wrestle his gun away. There's a fight, and Quantum joins in.

In the atrium, there's a bunch of phaser fire and a Teal is hit. Then ATM1 is hit. Reed drags his mate away from the line of fire and asks if he will be okay. "Go ahead," the wounded ATM1 says, "I'll cover here." Meanwhile, the two unscathed Electric Blues enter the catacombs as Reed and ATM2 fire at them.

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