The Andorian Incident

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Scent of a Vulcan

Upstairs, it's Peacocks on Parade as they go to check on their hostages. It's suddenly night, and they sweep their flashlights around the room, counting Vulcans and Pink-skins. But where are Trip and Vulcan the Younger? Whew, there they are, playing possum by the hidden entrance to the catacombs. Sneaky devils. The Powder Blues leave. Trip scrabbles to his feet and starts playing with the krellide power cell. Vulcan the Elder offers him a blanket, saying, "There is one to spare." "Naw thanks, it'll just get in my way," Trip says, clicking and clacking away. Vulcan the Elder hands the blanket to Quantum, who in turn pushes it at T'Pol. She declines, telling him she'll be able to handle the cold better than he. Quantum drapes it over himself and asks T'Pol if the Talkin' Hava Negilah Blues have a transporter. T'Pol answers in the negative. "That gives us the element of surprise," Quantum says, fluffing up the floor and getting comfortable. "We could bring an assault team into the atrium." T'Pol points out that the sound of the transporter would alert the guards to start firing before the assault team is completely resequenced. Not to mention the telltale sparkly stuff that goes along with it. "What about this room?" Quantum asks. "By the time the Andorians detect the transport, we'd be armed and ready." "For what?" T'Pol asks pointedly. "A fire-fight in close quarters with a dozen monks at risk?" As usual when he's wrong, Quantum gets irritated and asks if she has any better ideas. T'Pol edges away, hugging herself for warmth. Quantum lifts the blanket. "There's room in here," he tells her. "I'm fine," T'Pol says. "You're freezing," Quantum tells her. "It's been twenty-four hours since I took my nasal numbing agent. The cold is preferable to the odor," T'Pol tells him. Wouldn't it be logical for her to share a blanket with a Vulcan monk? We all know there's no more chance of two Vulcans becoming amorous in this situation than there is of a Vulcan and a human. Less, even.

But Quantum insists, so T'Pol chastely wedges herself next to him. Quantum lies back, his arm above outstretched as a -- pillow? For T'Pol? T'Pol remains sitting upright and comments that an armed assault would put all their lives at extreme risk, "not to mention the destruction of the sanctuary itself." Quantum opines, "I'd say our lives are already at risk." T'Pol tells him that the tensions between the Vulcans and the Indigo Girls are already so elevated that any casualties would put them over the edge. "It seems like you're letting them walk all over you," Quantum comments. "They come in here, they smash your relics, they beat up your people, then you just sit back and wait for them to walk away?" T'Pol tells him Vulcans don't believe in fighting violence with violence. Quantum says he admires her ethics and all that, but there comes a time when violence is necessary. "You're beginning to sound like an Andorian," T'Pol tells him. Quantum gets all uppity, saying he came to P'Jem to "gain insight" into the Vulcan mind, "but you people think you're so damned enlightened --" Quantum stops and notes the other Vulcans looking at them. "Problem?" he asks. They go back to their namastes. Quantum sighs and tells T'Pol he wants to find a peaceful solution as well, but doesn't think there is one. "However we end up dealing with this, I gotta know I can count on you," Quantum tells her, looking deep into her eyes. "Are you questioning my loyalty?" T'Pol asks. Quantum says he's just asking where she stands. It's not that farfetched a question. I mean, when it comes down to it, whom should you be loyal to: your race, or the smelly human crew you've served for nine weeks and four days who constantly find ways to insult you and disparage who you are? "I have never disobeyed your orders," T'Pol says resentfully, and turns away, stealing all the covers. "Hey," Mathra pipes up indignantly, "I thought you could only do that when you're married!"

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