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Wrath Of Retcon

Enterprise loses hull plating and their torpedo launchers. The aft cannons are online and locked on the Bridge of the Khannabee ship. Dain'ta argues that they'll never penetrate the Bridge because of all the ugly. Instead, he gives directions to attack behind the sensor array, since the Khannabees' ship's main plasma junction is there and a direct hit would give them a blackout. "Trust me!" Dain'ta hisses. "Do as he says, fire when ready," Quantum says.

Enterprise fires. T'Pol reads twelve bio-signs left.

Khannabee ship. Mullet -- with the exact same wound on the EXACT SAME side of his face that Khan had -- drags himself through the rocks on the floor of the Bridge. He falls onto a console and pushes buttons.

Random blond ensign we've never seen before announces a power surge on the Khannabee ship. Reed announces, "He's over loading his dilithium matrix. He'll destroy the ship." How does he know it's a he? Dain'ta begs to talk to him. How does he know it's a him? Quantum nods at Hoshi. Dain'ta gets to a console and says, "Mullet --" How does he know it's Mullet? No, seriously, HOW DOES HE KNOW? There's no way they could...because...with the...and the...no, no, I can't. Dain'ta pleads with Mullet that some of his brothers and sisters are still alive. And ain't they everyone? Every father's daughter, every mother's son. I'm very sorry for all of you who don't know the "Free to Be, You and Me" lyrics by heart. Yours is a sad state. Mullet asks if Dain'ta would rather they all go to prison with him. "But the embryos!" Dain'ta begs. "There's no place for us on Earth or anywhere else. Better to die here," Mullet gasps, dying on the khansole. "I'll see you soon!" "Mullet!" Dain'ta shouts. The ship explodes. Dain'ta is stunned.

Back in the irons, Dain'ta and Quantum walk down the corridor. Quantum says he will contact Starfleet and let them know he helped. Daint'a can't believe his murderous, villainous, wallowing in primeval slime children are gone. He realizes that Quantum is letting him stay in crew quarters rather than the God I'm So Sick of the Brig brig. Behind an Uh-Oh, Mullet jumps from the ceiling. The Uh-Oh fires. It does nothing to Mullet because THEY STILL HAVEN'T MODIFIED THEIR FREAKING WEAPONS! Mullet hammers out the Uh-Oh and then kicks Quantum in the face. "You're alive!" Dain'ta shudders, half ecstatic, half scared. Mullet tells Dain'ta that he betrayed them all and throws him across the corridor. He lifts Dain'ta by the throat and says, "Goodbye, Father." He starts to squeeze but is shot at. We get a look at Quantum THROUGH THE HOLE IN HIS STOMACH! I'm not kidding. Quantum somehow blasted a smoking baseball-sized hole through his bellybutton and we can see all the way through to the other side. Now, since this wouldn't exactly kill him right away, I'm expecting him to walk around in a sort of Death Becomes Her kind of way. Mullet, however, falls to the floor.

Earth. Quantum logs that the Klingons have decided to call off their attack on Earth, since they are happy with what Enterprise did at the colony. So, Quantum saves Earth. Again. Dain'ta returns to a cell that has been stripped of all his John Gnashings. Dain'ta looks all around his cell and says, "You could have at least let me finish my work before you destroyed it." "We haven't destroyed anything," Quantum says. "It's being stored in a secure location." With Dick Cheney. "Maybe some day we'll figure out how to use it to benefit humanity," Quantum goes on. Without it being finished? Isn't that a bit risky? "I wouldn't count on it," Dain'ta sniffs. The doors close behind Quantum, who presses a button to release the cuffs' magnetic field. "I've been thinking," Dain'ta muses, "perfecting humanity may not be possible. Cybernetics, artificial life forms." Quantum bobs his head in that weird way he's picked up of late: "Goodbye, Doctor." Dain'ta doesn't really respond, and goes on to himself, "I doubt I'll finish the work myself -- might take a generation or two." And right after my head had pieced itself back together, it explodes again. Dain'ta sits down at his desk and starts to write.

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