The Augments (3)

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Wrath Of Retcon

Quantum logs that they rescued the Denobulan pilot and that her injuries are minor. Trip and T'Pol on working on sensor enhancement in order to find the Bird of Prey. T'Pol gives Trip some directions and stares up at him. Trip doesn't look down. T'Pol CRACK WHORES her face like she's about to say something and then turns away. Oh, please don't talk about your personal life. T'Pol paces. You're going to talk about your personal life, aren't you? T'Pol asks how Trip's parents are. Wait, so he has parents? What about all that crap that, since his sister was dead, he had no one to visit? Does he hate his parents? "They're...fine," Trip says, a bit puzzled, "They moved to a new house in Mississippi. It's not like the old place in Panama City but it's pretty nice -- why do you ask?" T'Pol whines that Trip hasn't spoke of them or anything else recently. "There hasn't been a lot of time to catch up," Trip says, not looking at her. T'Pol walks around to stand next to him: "You also haven't joined us at the Captain's table since we left Earth." Maybe he hasn't been ordered to. "What are you trying to say?" Trip asks, looking at her briefly before turning away. "You've been avoiding me!" T'Pol CRACK WHORES. Trip says maybe he has, but it's awkward now that she's married and he needs time to adjust. "I'm still adjusting to it myself," T'Pol CRACK WHORES. Trip looks at her as her chest heaves with unsuppressed CRACK WHOREAGE. Trip admits, "This is gonna sound strange, but as tough as it was watching you go through with the ceremony, I was proud of you for what you did." T'Pol heaves some more. Whatcha gonna do, CRACK WHORE? You gonna cry? Trip says that it's all probably for the best. "What do you mean?!" T'Pol CRACK WHORES. Trip says they wouldn't have made an ideal couple: "A Vulcan and a human? Romeo and Juliet probably stood a better chance." That's like the easiest Shakespearean play to reference. Something beeps to interrupt them. After technobabbling a bit, Trip comms Quantum that he thinks they've found them. "You don't sound one hundred percent sure," Quantum retorts. Shut up, Quantum, you jackass. Quantum orders May-I-Got-It-Goin'-On to lay in a course.

Mullet broods on his bed. Dawsonella enters, sighing that she doesn't have much time what with all the extra work she has to do. Mullet announces that he's taking control of the ship. "You can't," Dawsonella protests. Mullet says he's spoken to everyone else and they are all behind him. He just has to know if he has her support. Dawsonella says he can't do this to their father. "He may have raised us but that doesn't make him our father. He'll never be one of us," Mullet argues, and then whines about how Dain'ta won't listen to him and his plans. He tells Dawsonella that Dain'ta is futzing with the genomes to make the Khannabees 2.0 docile and weak. Dawsonella doesn't believe him but Mullet invites her to ask Dain'ta herself. She's just so squinty and pasty and sweaty, and the eyebrows? Are, like, brushed on with eyeshadow. And what's that in her hair? Is it a ribbon? No, it's a piece of leather. Yeah, well, nice try, maybe Xenot. Clearly they don't have superior hairstylists aboard. Demian told me he thought the Khannabees got uglier with each passing week, and he's so right. Mullet takes Dawsonella's sweaty, ugly hands and gazes into her sweaty, ugly face: "I know how much he means to you -- I have feelings for him too." Yeah, murderous feelings. Mullet promises that Dain'ta will be treated with respect: "Are you with me?" Dawsonella just stares at him.

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